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Truly class-defying and exceptional audio performance from IK’s 25+ years of expertise in monitor design and digital signal processing


September 1, 2022 – IK Multimedia is proud to announce the iLoud Precision series, representing another breakthrough in nearfield monitoring from the company that revolutionized compact monitors with iLoud Micro Monitor and iLoud MTM.

Available in a choice of 3 configurations – 2-way 5″ or 6.5″, and 2 x 5″ MTM – these handmade works of sonic art reflect IK’s 25+ years of expertise in loudspeaker design and digital signal processing, delivering a level of sonic detail that rivals and even surpasses speakers at three times the price, with unique DSP-based features and software workflow enhancements that can’t be found anywhere else.

Best-in-class Response and Clarity

iLoud Precision offers a stunning frequency response from 36 Hz to 30 kHz, with a superior ±1 dB tolerance from 45 Hz up, for precise and uncolored audio throughout the whole listening spectrum. This is guaranteed to be accurate within ±0.5 dB for a unit-to-unit consistency that is simply unmatched, thanks to the monitors’ calibration during the last stage of the manufacturing process.

The iLoud Precision also leverages its unique 96 kHz internal DSP processing, digital crossover and custom-designed Class D amplifier to deliver true linear phase response above 150 Hz for precise stereo imaging, crisp transients and incredible detail. The result is a stunningly clear, revealing sound quality that’s absolutely true to life; a feature that simply cannot be found in any other studio monitors with such a degree of precision.

iLoud Precision also sets a new standard for time coherence, or the precise response alignment between woofer and tweeter drivers, reaching nearly the theoretical ideal step response performance. This offers the highest level of time accuracy, without sacrificing frequency response, thus eliminating the ear fatigue that can develop over longer listening sessions on other studio monitors lacking a time coherent response.

Only IK’s powerful DSP and advanced digital control lets the iLoud Precision achieve such a great combination of phase linearity, time coherence and flat, uncolored frequency response for unmatched clarity and sound.

At the top of the range, the iLoud Precision MTM use the midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer configuration to deliver not only the highest SPL, but also an ultra-precise, point source sound with incredible stereo imaging. This means users will experience an even more natural, life-like sound, where the speaker cabinets “disappear” and attention can be focused entirely on hearing the music in its truest form, without the coloration that other studio monitors can impart on the source material.

Built-in Acoustic Calibration

With iLoud Precision, there’s less worry about treating the listening environment. Each speaker features built-in calibration based on the acclaimed ARC™ System technology. Just connect the included MEMS measurement microphone and in a few seconds, the iLoud Precisions will tune themselves to any setting, from mixing room to living room.

Extended Controls and Voicing Emulation

The iLoud Precision series introduces X-MONITOR, a unique and advanced control application for Mac and Windows that assists with ARC calibration and enables extended acoustic and voicing selection and adjustments, plus convenient access to the settings on the Precision’s back panel. The software is plug-and-play via a simple USB connection with no special setup needed.

Even more exciting, X-MONITOR allows iLoud Precision to emulate the frequency and phase response of the most revered studio monitors on the market and classic hi-fi speakers. Over 20 monitor profiles are included, and more will be released in the future, so users can A/B test mixes on a wide variety of reference systems quickly, without ever leaving the sweet spot or needing any other speakers.

Deep Bass, Immersive-ready

With bass extension down to as low as 30 Hz with ARC calibration enabled, iLoud Precision delivers deep, powerful bass that’s nevertheless controlled and balanced. And the adjustable bass roll-off lets iLoud Precisions emulate other playback systems and integrate with a sub, for unparalleled low-end performance in any setup.

In addition to self-calibrating to the listening environment, iLoud Precision features a range of low- and high-frequency management options, including a switchable Full/35/50/65/80 Hz high-pass filter to optimize their performance with Atmos® and other immersive setups.

Isolation Pods and Remote Control

Each iLoud Precision not only includes an ARC measurement microphone, but also a kit of 4 iLoud Isolation Pods that dramatically reduce the propagation of vibrations between the speaker and supporting surface. An optional iLoud Precision Remote Control is also available to quickly switch between X-MONITOR speaker emulations and/or functions like ARC On/Off, Mute or Dim. The remote also works with ARC to control the measurement/room calibration process, while providing visual feedback on the calibration status and monitor settings.

Completely Made in Italy

Not only are iLoud Precision studio monitors developed in Italy, but they are also completely manufactured in the country, leveraging the traditional handmade craftsmanship that have made Italian products an iconic reference in the world for quality manufacturing and innovative design.

Pricing and Availability

iLoud Precision studio monitors can be ordered now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide at the following prices:

iLoud Precision 5 – $/€899.99* ea. – 5″ Woofer + 1.5″ Tweeter, 135W RMS
iLoud Precision 6 – $/€999.99 ea. – 6.5″ Woofer + 1.5″ Tweeter, 150W RMS
iLoud Precision MTM – $/€1,199.99 ea. – 2 x 5″ Woofers + 1.5″ Tweeter, 175W RMS

iLoud Precision Remote Control – $/€69.99

*All pricing excluding taxes.

Registered owners of iLoud Micro Monitors and iLoud MTM are eligible for special pricing on all Precision pairs. Users can log in to the IK Multimedia online store to see the discounts available to them.

X-MONITOR Mac/PC software will be available in October.

For more information about the iLoud Precision series or to see the studio monitors in action, please visit: www.ikmultimedia.com/iloudprecision

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