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LOS ANGELES, CA, Oct 1, 2021 2021 TEC Awards nominee AudioTestKitchen.com announces a new product demonstration and comparison platform built for professional audio and musical instrument manufacturer websites: The ATK Player. The Player can be easily integrated with any mobile or desktop website, similar to a chat window, without any website design changes. Like a “virtual showroom,” The Player enables consumers to efficiently learn the information that is important to them and compare hi-res audio examples.

“The Player delivers the manufacturer’s ‘elevator pitch,’” says Audio Test Kitchen’s Founder, Alex Oana. “It’s not less information, it’s actually intelligently delivering the most compelling information that’s been missing like, ‘who uses this gear’ and ‘how does it sound.’ We packaged it in a tight, focused way that consumers will love because it saves them from searching all over the internet. Manufacturers love it because it keeps shoppers on their site.”

“Having built and operated one of the world’s top physical pro audio showrooms, I’ve seen how each customer needs a unique mix of information, from emotional to technical, to feel inspired and confident to make a purchase,” relates Jeff Ehrenberg, Audio Test Kitchen’s Head of Sales. “We very consciously built an online tool that puts the proof each individual needs at their fingertips while enabling the manufacturer to accurately represent what their products can do.”

Manufacturers in any product category – from software to audio interfaces to drums and guitars – can have high quality, cross-comparable sound samples produced by ATK as part of their Player subscription, as well as the ability to upload their own content in hi-res. For ATK’s 55 existing microphone manufacturer partners, 46 fully cross-comparable audio samples on sources ranging from vocals and guitars to robot drums and a Yamaha Disklavier will be included with the Player subscription.

“Manufacturers approached us saying they wanted to increase consumer confidence and brand trust online through guided product demonstrations that up until now were only possible in person,” Oana elaborates. “It was from these conversations plus our experience serving millions of microphone demos on our website that we created this new platform that in many ways surpasses in-person demos. A consumer gets to demo products on their own terms, in their familiar environment. There’s no sales pressure, but there’s a clear path to purchase.”

It’s not just in challenging times with cancelled and postponed trade shows that manufacturers and consumers need a compelling way to demo products. The vast majority of consumers will never make it to a showroom or a studio to try a product before they buy. The ATK Player empowers the manufacturer to provide trust-building, interactive experiences with their products and gives consumers a chance to ‘try before they buy.’

“The breakthrough of the ATK Player is that it is the first purpose-built platform for product demonstration and audio comparison designed for Pro Audio and MI manufacturer websites. How cool is it for consumers to have an interactive, guided audio demo on their phone?” says Alex Oana. “It pops up anywhere on the internet whenever a gear researcher needs efficient product information, complete with how it sounds.”

You can check out The ATK Player at https://www.audiotestkitchen.com/player.

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