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Lyons, CO (July, 2020) — At the time of it’s original release in 2019, the m908 represented the state of the art in high-quality, multi-format studio monitoring hardware. Designed for professionals working across a wide spectrum of audio disciplines – from stereo music production, immersive format music remixing, immersive video game sound design, and film and broadcast post production – the m908 has quickly established itself as the ultimate stand alone solution for any type of critical professional audio playback environment.

“We knew that the m908’s core feature set was ready to release, but had intentionally developed the system platform to be capable of continued and rapid evolution based on customer feedback and demands” says Michael Grace, President and Lead Product Engineer at Grace Design, “The m908 is a very collaborative product for us. Every step of the way has been taken with expert guidance and advice from our working engineer colleagues.”

With the new firmware Revision 1.0.4, the m908 functionality is now enhanced in several valuable ways. First and foremost, the room correction EQ functionality has now been upgraded to 12 parametric bands per speaker channel, or variable numbers of bands per channel totaling up to 85. Secondly, architecture for all room correction and bass management filters have been revised to fixed-point 64-bit type, which provides for improved low frequency noise performance.

“With most of the heavy lifting engineering work completed on the m908, we now have the luxury of really digging into and fine tuning over-all system performance” notes Jeff Limbocker, Grace Design’s Senior Software / Digital Engineer. “Because we developed the m908 system architecture based on an ARM processor running embedded Linux, functionality improvements and system upgrades can continue to be released and easily installed into units in the field”.

“Our m908 units have been steadily populating the upper echelon of facilities working in surround and immersive formats” says Doug Wood, Grace Design’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Professionals around the world are increasingly relying on the m908’s stellar audio performance, out of the box / plug and play compatibility, and powerful system configuration and functionality.”

For more information on the Grace m908, please visit https://www.gracedesign.com/products/monitor-controllers/m908/

Grace Design is a globally recognized, US professional and consumer audio brand, known for superlative audio performance, reliability and the finest customer service.

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