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GIK Acoustics, proudly introduces the SlatFusor Series, a fusion of modern elegance and unparalleled acoustic design. Engineered to elevate any listening environment, the SlatFusor Series offers control of echoes and reverberations as well as solutions for effective absorption of low-frequency resonances.

Preserving Acoustic Brilliance

The SlatFusor Series excels in preserving the energy of mid and high frequencies while smoothing out any inconsistencies in frequency response and decay times. It is the optimal choice for those seeking a balanced listening environment with the aesthetics of natural wood and peerless acoustic performance.

Aesthetics Meets Acoustics

Crafted with a premium, furniture-grade finish, the SlatFusor Series is a statement of sophistication. The natural oak veneer exudes natural beauty, while the option to stain the slats opens up endless possibilities. Whether at home or in a professional studio, the SlatFusor Series seamlessly complements any environment.

Pioneering Design

SlatFusor panels come with a set of sawtooth hangers, allowing for effortless arrangement on your wall. The proprietary design ensures each individual panel extends the pattern, leaving no unseemly gaps. This makes the SlatFusor Series the perfect choice for acoustic wall paneling.

Versatility in Size and Thickness

Available in two sizes—Rectangle (23.5 x 45.5) and Square (23.5 x 23.5), and different thicknesses, including 2″ acoustic panels as well as 4″ and 6″ bass traps, the SlatFusor Series provides versatility in design and application.

Key Features:

  • Scatters mid & high frequency reflections.
  • Reduces noise, echoes, reverb, and bass buildup without overdamping.
  • Combining wood slats on black felt with high-performance absorber.
  • 30% more effective than standard absorbers.
  • Premium finish: furniture-grade, stainable Oak Veneer.
  • Seamless covering of the entire wall or use as individual panels.
  • Mounted with sawtooth hangers – no glue or adhesive required.


The SlatFusor Series is available now and ready to elevate your space. Experience the perfect blend of modern elegance and acoustic performance.

For more information, please visit www.gikacoustics.com


About GIK Acoustics

“Pro Look. Pro Build. Pro Results.”

Since its establishment in 2004, GIK Acoustics has been a pioneer in advancing room acoustic treatment across diverse spaces. Specializing in crafting absorption and diffusion products, GIK Acoustics has grown into a global leader, outfitting studios, homes, and commercial establishments with exceptional acoustic solutions. Trusted by music enthusiasts, industry professionals, corporations, and institutions, the company has made its mark through commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Originating in Atlanta, Georgia, GIK Acoustics has expanded its presence globally. Rapid and reliable delivery is a hallmark, with strategically located facilities in the US, UK, and EU ensuring accessible and efficient product delivery for customers worldwide.

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