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Black Lion Audio announces availability of Bluey 500, bringing blue-striped compression mojo much loved by Chris Lord-Alge to 500-series racks


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: having previously worked with Chris Lord-Alge to commercially create the 2U rack-mount Bluey F.E.T. LIMITING AMPLIFIER, actively reverse-engineering what made the American mix engineer extraordinaire’s beloved ‘Bluey’ FET (Field Effect Transistor) compressor central to working his hit musical magic after many mods, component replacements, and upgrades, boutique audio company Black Lion Audio is proud to announce availability of Bluey 500 — formed perfectly to take that unmistakable blue-striped compression mojo into 500-series racks the world over as a two-slot space-saving device without sacrificing its bigger brother’s sought-after sonic attributes — as of February 9…

As American mix engineer extraordinaire Chris Lord-Alge always relied on a rack of original blue-striped true peak limiters to work his hit musical magic, he hitherto encountered one little issue in doing so. Simply put, one golden-eared example exhibited a certain something that the others did not. Needless to say, this resulted in Black Lion Audio being invited to study his beloved ‘Bluey’ — taking pride of place in that all-important rack — in order to gain an understanding of what made it sound so special, especially when applied to lead vocals where it always achieved incredible grit. Get this, though: the boutique audio company’s diagnosis revealed that the ‘happy accidents’ and odd-fixes applied to the unique unit in question over the years just to keep it in working order had ultimately — unwittingly, even — created a monster 1176! But by analyzing this singular and unique piece of studio ‘unobtanium’ in exacting detail, Black Lion Audio ably succeeded in recreating that beast of a compressor, commercially making it available to everyone as an appropriately-named 2U rack-mount — namely, Bluey F.E.T. LIMITING AMPLIFIER. And all with Chris Lord-Alge’s hands-on blessing.

Fast-forwarding to today sees Black Lion Audio applying its talented team’s technical know-how to bring that same blue-striped compression mojo much loved by Chris Lord-Alge to the production table as an appropriately-named 500-series unit, unbelievably shoehorning in everything that made its Bluey F.E.T. LIMITING AMPLIFIER bigger brother sound so amazing — all the same (INPUT, OUTPUT, ATTACK, RELEASE, COMP MIX, RATIO, and METER) controls, features, and I/O are intact, in other words, while also including a convenient front panel-positioned RCA jack to allow a stereo LINK option.

Far from failing to stop there, though, in order to get the exacting detail that Chris Lord-Alge has enjoyed from his beloved ‘Bluey’, Black Lion Audio not only used custom Cinemag transformers but actually recreated his console’s insert path and built it right into Bluey 500 to provide its users with that same console feel. For anyone seeking some True Blue — Without 2U, to quote from the boutique audio company collectively, they now know where to turn. After all, everyone deserves a li’l’ ‘Bluey’ in their life!

Bluey 500 is available to purchase via Black Lion Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors (https://www.blacklionaudio.com/dealers) with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $699.00 USD and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €932.00 EUR (including VAT).

For further information, please visit the dedicated Bluey 500 webpage here: https://www.blacklionaudio.com/store/compressors/bluey-500-fet-limiter/ 

About Black Lion Audio (www.blacklionaudio.com)

Founded in 2006, Black Lion Audio is a boutique audio company based in Chicago. Collectively it takes pride in providing customers with outstanding quality gear for their recording studios at prices that are ridiculously affordable. As such, the company has built a reputation for supplying superior quality sound in a cost-effective manner within the space of a few short years.Yet, given the current economic climate, it is no wonder that major labels, project studios, software companies, and high-profile tracking and mix engineers make up a significant portion of the company’s client base. Indeed, its work can be heard in award-winning major motion picture scores and soundtracks, major television shows and commercials, as well as being utilised by prestigious organisations and major label acts alike. 

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