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Daytona Beach, FLORIDA – AudioScape wants to keep you up to date on everything we’re up to. Every month we’ll let you know about new product intros, product drops from our hand-curated group of unique boutique brands, podcasts, sweepstakes giveaways and more. Here’s what’s new for May 2024:

In Berlin this week, AudioScape will be releasing our much anticipated Eurorack-format Buss Compressor, the EuroBuss. The stereo Buss Comp is, of course, our take on a classic VCA buss compressor first introduced as an integral part of a legendary British recording console. For years we’ve been asked to please, please, please offer the Buss Comp in a format that is compatible with the Eurorack standard. We thought this years’ annual synthesizer supershow in Berlin, SUPERBOOTH24, would be the perfect place to introduce our first Eurorack format product.

The EuroBuss has all of the same features and controls as the 19” rack version, including stereo i/o and left/ right side-chain access, plus side-chain CV in/ out and a threshold CV input, all accessible via front panel patch points. This studio classic, the sound of so many giant recordings, is now available as an 18HP Eurorack compatible module. Come see it at SUPERBOOTH24 #0120.

In the past couple months we’ve had the awesome opportunity to shoot a few factory tours with some VIP guests. It’s one thing to talk about what AudioScape is all about, and our passion for building the finest studio gear available, but it’s another to share that with the world. Our VIP visitors included the excellent folks from Produce Like A Pro who dropped their video tour of our facility a couple of weeks ago with PLAP’s own Joe Carrell doing the honors. We want to thank the Produce Like A Pro crew for stopping by and checking out our new shop, giving a peek behind the curtain at what we do here.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming video tour dropping from another one of our good friends!

Finally this month, we introduced the DA-3A Dual-Channel Optical Leveling Amplifier. The DA-3A’s classic design has the characteristic mid-forward punch and super-articulate response that made the original a requisite tool for punching up stereo drum mixes, controlling vocals and making rhythm guitar tracks come alive in the mix. The DA-3A features our in-house made T4b opto-attenuator, custom-wound transformers and a few modern touches. As an upgrade to this classic circuit design, we’ve included a simple mod, originally attributed to master mixer Bob Clearmountain, that optimizes the internal gain structure, reducing the already low noise floor even further.

Our initial run of the DA-3A sold-out almost immediately, but folks can still reserve one from the next run, due around the end of June.

See you next month!

For more info visit: www.audio-scape.com/

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