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Daytona Beach, FLORIDA AudioScape wants to keep you up to date on everything we’re up to. This is the first of our monthly updates to keep you abreast of the AudioScape universe. Thanks to our awesome supporters, as well as new faces just getting started with us, our growth over the last twelve months has been explosive. We relocated a year ago to a great new, larger facility so that we could increase our capacity, hand- building even more of the great analog gear you love.

Every month we’ll let you know about new product intros, product drops from our hand-curated group of unique boutique brands, podcasts, sweepstakes giveaways and more. Keep a weather eye out for it, relish it, covet it.

Speaking of podcasts, this month’s featured guests on our weekly Sonic Truth podcast will include indie icon, musician Ben Folds, and founder of the super popular Produce Like a Pro podcast, Warren Huart. These are going to be awesome insightful conversations with a couple of today’s most prominent audio tastemakers. The Sonic Truth podcast releases weekly on our Youtube channel Fridays at 9:00am EST.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, we’re giving away a 260VU VCA Comp/Limiter. Actually, the “granddaddy” of VCA compressors. Well-known for its unique midrange girth and novel use of an RMS-based detector circuit, the 260VU is one of the ultimate expressions of the sound of the 70’s. Now you have a chance to win one of these classics in our 260VU Giveaway.

Entry for the 260VU giveaway sweepstakes starts tomorrow, March 8 at 3:00 pm EST and continues through March 15 at 2:59 pm EST, with the winner announced on March 15 3:30 pm EST. Enter here to win!

Finally, this month we released our upgraded version of the Classic DI, the Classic DI+. The new DI+ delivers the same features as the original, but now includes a custom wound Opto Comp A-11 transformer (an exact replica of the UTC A-11) and also features a third toggle switch allowing the user to choose a 200Ω or 500Ω tap.

Along with the release of the Classic DI+, our good friends over at Providence Sound and Vision will be offering the exclusive, limited Classic DI+ “MJR” Edition. The “MJR” edition recognizes the Classic DI+’s circuit design guru and includes a NOS UTC A-11 transformer in place of our custom spec’d A-11. Plus we’ve added a groovy paint job and cool graphics. Very limited and available only from Providence Sound and Vision.

and stay tuned for a new “limited edition” announcement on 3/15. See you next month.

For more info visit: www.audio-scape.com/

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