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Antelope Audio, an industry leader in high-end audio production technology, including audio interfaces, reference clocks, modeling mics, monitor speakers and audio plugins, is proud to announce the new Zen Quadro Synergy Core, a 14-in/ 10-out bus-powered dual-USB audio interface.

With 130 dB AD/DA converters never before seen in a bus-powered interface, console-grade Discrete preamps, Synergy Core real-time FX processing, and a dual-USB design that allows simultaneous playback and recording on two systems, the Zen Quadro provides creators of all kinds with a staggering amount of features in a compact, affordable package.

Unparalleled AD/DA Conversion and Clocking

The Zen Quadro comes equipped with the same converter chips as Antelope Audio’s flagship Galaxy interfaces, paired with the proprietary 64-bit AFC™ (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology. With up to 130 dB dynamic range

at 24-bit/192 kHz, it outperforms competitors at several times the cost, providing unparalleled sonic precision and a more spacious stereo image with clear instrument and vocal separation.

Crystal Clear Preamps

The Zen Quadro’s four Discrete preamps are built with a 6-transistor topology inspired by the British and American analog console designs of the eighties and nineties, offering maximum noise reduction and precise sound capture.

And with 75dB gain, the interface can handle even the quietest dynamic and ribbon mics.

Antelope Audio Zen Quadro with laptop


Synergy Core Real-time DSP and FPGA Processing

Synergy Core combines DSP with FPGA chips to model each and every individual component of analog hardware. This ensures sound and behavior that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing—with near-zero latency, and zero strain on your computer’s CPU.

Zen Quadro comes bundled with 37 legendary compressors, EQs, guitar amps and cabs, modulation effects and more, that can be applied in real-time during

recording, streaming or live performances. Up to 48 mono effect instances can be loaded on 6 input chains simultaneously, giving users the power of a complex multi-rack setup on their desktop. Additional Synergy Core effects can be purchased separately.

Revolutionary Dual-USB design

The Zen Quadro’s dual USB-C ports allow users to freely route signals and create mixes between the two USB connections, using Mac, PC, iOS (USB-C) or Android devices together. The convenient loopback makes it great for streaming, and the secondary port can charge your mobile device while the primary port provides power for the Zen Quadro.

Antelope Audio Zen Quadro live performance


Enhanced Standalone Functionality for Live and Touring

The Zen Quadro can function without a computer, with routing and mixer controls accessible through the color display. Settings and real-time FX chains can also be saved and recalled from the device, and with real-time FX processing it can be used as an FX box during live performances. The secondary USB-C port even allows collaboration between duo live acts that are using two computers on stage!

Antelope Audio Zen Quadro


Versatile Connectivity for Creators of All Kinds

With expandability via ADAT and S/PDIF, Zen Quadro features a total of 14 input and 10 output channels. The pair of headphone outputs are completely independent, allowing 2 people to listen to 2 different cue mixes at the same time. The DC-coupled analog I/O can also send and receive control voltage (CV) signals, allowing the Zen Quadro to be part of a modular synth setup.


Antelope Audio’s Zen Quadro is set to hit the market in May 2024, with а price tag of 599 USD / 599 EUR.

Learn more about the Zen Quadro: antelopeaudio.com/products/zen-quadro-synergy-core/

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