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The new 10-piece mesh drum kit from Alesis revolutionizes electronic drumming with its advanced touch screen module, BFD-powered sound engine and a comprehensive preset library, setting a new standard for electronic drums


Cumberland, RI, USA, March 19th, 2024 – Alesis, a global leader in electronic musical instruments and a pioneer in cutting-edge technology for musicians, unveils the Strata Prime, its latest electronic drum kit set to redefine the industry standard.

Alesis Strata Prime drum kit at home


The Strata Prime stands out as a full 10-piece mesh drum kit, engineered for an immersive playing experience. It boasts 360-degree responsive cymbals and hi-hats, designed to mimic the feel of an acoustic drum set, making it ideal for intermediate players who seek the authenticity of traditional drumming combined with the versatility of electronic sound.

For the professional session and gigging drummer, the Strata Prime offers unparalleled functionality and preset management. Its IO capabilities ensure seamless integration into both live performances and studio environments, meeting the rigorous demands of professional use with ease.

Electronic Drums Reimagined

​The Strata Prime kit transforms the electronic drumming landscape with its six mesh drums, including a dual-zone 14” snare for detailed performance dynamics and a range of toms (8”, 10”, 12”, 14”) alongside a versatile 20” kick drum suitable for all pedal types. This comprehensive setup also includes triple-zone ARC cymbals for dynamic playing across three 360-degree responsive cymbals (two 16″ crashes and one 18″ ride). The robust and adaptable steel rack supports the sophisticated Strata Prime Drum Module, showcasing the BFD engine on a responsive 10.1” touch screen for unparalleled sound customization. Included are all necessary cabling, power supply, and a snare stand. Please note, a hi-hat stand and kick pedal are not included.


Alesis Strata Prime drum kit home setup


At the core of the Strata Prime is the state-of-the-art Prime Drum Module, featuring a BFD engine and a 10.1” touch screen that redefines kit navigation, editing, and mixing, offering studio-quality sound. With 128GB of internal storage, including over 40GB of pre-loaded content for vast user customization, drummers have access to over 215,000 samples and more than 75 kits. Coupled with extensive sound libraries, the Strata Prime enables highly personalized performances, blending acoustic realism with electronic versatility for a unique drumming experience.

The Strata Prime kit includes a three-month subscription to Drumeo, the premier online drum education platform, offering lessons from some of the world’s top drummers. Additionally, the kit comes with the BFD Player desktop application and a virtual drum expansion pack, offering users the ability to bring the kit into DAW based environments.

Alesis Strata Prime drum kit – Live Session Delicate Play


Alesis Strata Prime Drum Kit Features


14” Dual-zone mesh snare
8” / 10” / 12” / 14” Dual-zone mesh toms
20” kick drum with mesh head
Four-post steel rack with locking clamps


360-degree triple-zone cymbals and hi-hat
14” magnetic hihat system with stand-mounted controller
Two 16” crash cymbals and one 18” ride


10.1” touch display
BFD sound engine running on a multi-core processor
75 factory kits / virtually unlimited user kits, over 440 kit pieces, 1050+ articulations, and 215,000+ samples with multiple microphone channels
Over 40GB of included content on 128 GB of internal storage
Revolutionary new customizable trigger engine with automatic crosstalk filtering and presets for all modern Alesis electronic triggers


Alesis Strata Prime Drum Kit - front left

“The Prime Drum Module is without doubt the most technologically advanced drum module ever made” says Director of Product Management John Boudreau. “The all-mesh setup and the world’s first Active Magnetic hi-hat sensor offer unprecedented responsiveness and playability. We’re thrilled to offer drummers the ultimate tool for both practice and performance.”

The Strata Prime kit is now available for $3,499.00 USD. Visit Alesis.com to order yours.


More about Alesis

Since the 1985 unveiling of the affordable XT Reverb, Alesis has led the charge to create inventive electronic products that benefit every stage or studio musician. Alesis innovation continues with electronic percussion, keyboards, monitors, recording gear, amplifiers, as well as professional products based on Bluetooth technology and Apple’s iOS platform. Alesis is a proud member of the inMusic family of premier brands.

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