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Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons

Santa Cruz. Dateline June 11th 2024: After more than a decade of sold out Master Classes held in studios from Buena Park to Bogota, Alan Parsons wants to shake up the music production learning space with new hands-on Music Production Workshops where attendees get to be part of the recording and mixing process.

At the inaugural event being held at Parsons’ beautiful studio in the hills above Santa Barbara, students will be able to sit behind Alan’s Neve 5088 and try their hand at EQ-ing, processing using outboard gear including UnFairchild, DBX, SPL, Zulu and more plus the studio’s virtual basket of plug-ins.

Alan and his assistant engineer Noah Bruskin will be ever present guides and advisors but the idea is for everyone can experience working with top quality equipment, even if it’s just pushing up faders to create a unique balance.

A variety of exciting musicians including American Idol star James Durbin will record using different instrumental and vocal recording techniques, taking advantage of Alan Parsons’ classic mic collection built from his days at Abbey Road. There’ll also be a field-recording sortie using 3Dio binaural mics!

The second of this two-day event focuses on mixing, with look at the current state of spatial / immersive audio with ASSR Immersive Audio course author and expert David Reyes. Throughout the day attendees will not only be able to mix music recorded the previous day, Alan promises to have some truly classic recordings – now being mixed in Dolby Atmos – for everyone to not only experience but literally get their hands on.

Ticket prices include gourmet food and wines and the chance to hang with one of the most iconic music producers of the past fifty years, both in the studio and at the event’s after-party where you’ll be able to take photos and get memorabilia signed.

Early booking is advised to ensure a place at these perennially sold-out ASSR events. For full details and ticketing visit the website at www.artandscienceofsound.com/mcts/July2024 or call ASSR at 1-800-852-2570.

ASSR’s Music Production Workshop: www.artandscienceofsound.com/mcts/July2024

ASSR’s online recording courses: www.artandsienceofsound.teachable.com


Alan Parsons masterclass neve 2088

The Neve 5088 at ParSonics in Santa Barbara

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