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Ableton has confirmed a free Loop event taking place March 4, 2023 on loop.ableton.com. Loop Session: In the Studio with Wayne Snow is the next installment in a series of online experiences for music makers. Each event in the series focuses on one artist’s practice and ideas.

In this session, attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at Wayne Snow’s studio practice and learn about his songwriting methods. In the studio, he deploys acting techniques to explore and recall scenarios, emotions and thoughts, and works with a producer to resurface them into creative energy for his music. This visceral approach to songwriting requires tools and workflows that allow him to capture the feelings that come up and respond to them immediately.

He’ll be joined by producer Golo Schultz in Brewery Studios, Berlin, and together they’ll give a walkthrough of their process for writing a new track from his forthcoming album. Musician Katarina Holmberg will moderate the conversation between the two and field questions from the audience. After the 90-minute studio session, attendees can join the Loop Cafe – a group chat where music makers can discuss their learnings from the session and their own studio practice.

The session starts at 6pm, Berlin/Germany (UTC+1). Attendees can use the event site’s timezone selector to find out when it happens in their local time.

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About Loop

Launched by Ableton in 2015, Loop helps music makers discover new ideas to inspire their creative practice. Bringing together artists, technologists, educators and creative thinkers from around the world, Loop connects a global music-making community. Through events, and a living archive of ideas and techniques, Loop is a collective exploration of what it is to make music today, and what it could be tomorrow.


About Ableton

There’s a global community of music makers using Ableton’s creative tools and resources. Creating and performing music with Ableton software and hardware instruments: LivePushLink and Note. And sharing and exploring ideas through LoopLearning Music and Learning Synths.

Ableton was set up in Berlin in 1999 by the same musicians who lead the company today. Now it’s made up of around 500 employees across the world, working together on things that inspire people to get started and go further as music makers.


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