The DAW Issue

Soundware, Plugins & Interfaces

We have 13 reviews loaded up this month, including five new DAW updates (see, this is why it’s our DAW issue). From Steinberg, we showcase the latest features in both Cubase 13 and its post-production-focused sibling, Nuendo 13. Next up, our resident Ableton expert David Blascoe digs down into the features of Live Version 12. David also checks out what’s new in the AI-focused RipX DAW from Hit’n’Mix. Our final DAW review looks at FL Studio 21 from Image Line.

Every DAW needs a solid interface, and to that end, we review the well-connected AudioFuse 16Rig from Arturia. And to take control of your DAW, soft-synths and more, we have a play with the Native Instruments Kontrol S88 MK3 MIDI keyboard controller.

On the audio processing front, we check out Serato Pitch ‘n Time Pro 3.1smart:EQ 4 from sonible, and a creative recreation of the old-school TELEFUNKEN Echomixer spring reverb from Audiopunks.

In the soundware department, we have the newest orchestral installment in the Spitfire Abbey Road One series––Soaring High Strings, and we get our bass on with the new Moog Mariana Bass Synthesizer.

Our final review this month, fresh from the halls of NAMM 2024, is the latest HD 490 PRO headphones from Sennheiser, along with a look at the dearVR MIX-SE plugin from Dear Reality.


For our headline feature this time, we reached out to our editorial team of recording musicians, producers and engineers and asked them to tell us about My Favorite DAW. [GET IT HERE]

Find out what they use and why, complete with some favorite workflow tips and favorite features found in many of the industry’s top digital audio workstations.

In last month’s Studio 101Joe Albano began teaching us all about dynamics processors. In part two, Joe finishes his look at compressions and limiters and moves into gates and expanders. [GET IT HERE]

This month, we welcome a new writer as noted video game composer Chase Bethea walks us through how he uses the Arranger Track in Cubase to create adaptive, interactive and dynamic music for video games and why those things are essential. [GET IT HERE]

In this issue’s edition of RECORDING’s Field Notes, Giles Reaves brings us his DAW-centric thoughts and observations. [GET IT HERE] Mark Hornsby is back with his advice in his popular Inside The Studio column [GET IT HERE], and Dave Martin offers his thoughts on this month’s Readers’ Tracks.

Finally, Immersive audio/Dolby Atmos expert Will Kennedy is back with some closing thoughts in this issue’s Fade Out.

No April Fools here––From interfaces to plugins to soundware, controllers, and more, we hope you will join us in our “DAW-tastic” April issue of RECORDING Magazine.