Monitors and Headphones—Listen Up!

Welcome to the February issue of RECORDING Magazine! The focus of our second issue of 2024 is monitors and headphones. While these two tools have always been primary components of any music studio, they are even more critical in the rapidly expanding world of spatial audio.


As this is our NAMM issue, we packed it full with 16 product reviews. We start with reviews of three studio monitors: The new Trio6 ST6 from Focal, the ADAM Audio TV5 and the latest version of the Tom Danley TDH-3. In the “on-ears” department, our team listens to the AONIC 50 Gen 2 from Shure and the open-back MDR-MV1 from Sony. For your “in-ear” pleasure, we have the Ultimate Ears Premier in-ear monitors and a new “Tri Amp Micro Speaker Management System” from JH Audio, the Pearl+Ruby.

Then we switch things up literally with a pair of monitor controllers. We bring you the MC531 Monitor Controller from API and the R.A.M. 1000 from Heritage Audio. Equal parts audio interface and monitor controller we have the Neumann MT48 USB Audio Interface.

Perfectly timed for our NAMM issue, we have the brand new TG Microphone Type L from Chandler Limited––the company’s most affordable microphone offering yet. Next, in hardware, we look at a massive “beast” of a compressor, the 666 Studio Limiting Amplifier from Mercury Recording Equipment.

To help control the sound of your room, we check out the Slat Fusor from GIK Acoustics.

Rounding out this month’s reviews, we have three plugins: AB Assist 2 from NUGEN Audio, the FabFilter Pro-R 2 reverb and a new reverb plugin still under wraps.


Mixing engineer and spatial audio expert Will Kennedy returns to RECORDING this month with a look at Headphone Mixing Tips for Dolby Atmos. [GET IT HERE]

In Studio 101, Joe Albano continues his year-long lesson plan on audio processing with a look at the humble equalizer. [GET IT HERE] If you are in the market for a new set of studio monitors, producer Mark Hornsby offers some well-timed advice on the subject in Inside The Studio, [GET IT HERE] and Giles Reaves brings us his thoughts, observations and tips on learning how to listen in the second installment of RECORDING’s Field Notes. [GET IT HERE]

Dave Martin returns with a Readers’ Tracks submission from Kristin Glasgow called  “We’ll Never Stop Believin’, and in this issue’s Fade Out, Aaron Trumm considers the question, “Mons or Cans”.

All this and more in the February issue of RECORDING.