Recording Guitar!

As is our long-standing tradition here at RECORDING, July is when we focus on the art and craft of guitar recording. Whether you like your guitars screaming through a cranked-up amp and pedals, the sultry sounds of soft-strummed acoustic guitars or even perhaps you like your six-string sonics to be looped, sampled and mangled in your DAW––RECORDING has you covered!


This month, we have 13 reviews. In the microphone category, we have the new ELM-T BM Signature Edition tube mic from Pearl Microphones, and we also check out the guitar amp-specific Integral Close Miking from SAMsystems.

In the world of studio guitar recording, we crank up the Reformer 112 Studio Guitar Cab from Bareface Audio.

Every guitarist needs a pedal or two (or three or four…), and to that end, we plug into the just released Strymon BigSky MX, the COSMOS Drifting Memory Station from SOMA Laboratories, the TONEX ONE from IK Multimedia and a pair of microphone preamp-equipped pedals named REX and ROXi from Grace Design.

For your compression needs, we bring the clamp-down with a reissue of one of the most unique compressors of all time, the Eventide Omnipressor 2830*Au.

To get our ‘git-box’ and more ‘into-the-box’, we have a pair of hot-off-the-presses audio interfaces on review this month: the CONNECT 2 from LEWITT and the Zen Quadro SC from Antelope Audio. Then, in the land or plugins, we bring you the K7D Tape Delay Plugin from Imaginado.

Of course, every guitarist needs a solid beat to jam with, so we pound the skins on the Strata Prime digital drum kit from Alesis.


Savage Soul on Love Street
This issue’s interview is with one of the most iconic guitarists of all time, none other than The Doors’ very own Robby Krieger. Our editor, Paul Vnuk Jr., sits down with Robby to discuss his thoughts on guitar recording over the years. We also get a virtual tour of Robby’s Love Street Sound studio along with studio manager Marco Moir. [GET IT HERE]


Two months ago, in our vocal recording issue, we welcomed producer and author Jenso Plymouth, who sat down with some of his fellow producers and engineers to share modern vocal production tips. This month, Jenso and his friends are back with advice on Crafting Modern Guitar Tracks. [GET IT HERE]

If you are a fan of digging into the “what and why” of tone shaping and guitar cabinet miking, Giles Reaves shares his findings in the issue’s installment of RECORDING’s Field Notes. [GET IT HERE]

In Inside The Studio with Mark Hornsby, Mark reminds us that bass players love effects pedals, too, [GET IT HERE] and in Studio 101 Joe Albano digs into classic reverb effects. [GET IT HERE]

Of course, Dave Martin is back with another installment of Readers’ Tracks and in Fade Out, Aaron J. Trumm reminds us that Guitars are Still Awesome.



Whether you strum, pluck, pick or stomp—the July guitar-focused issue of RECORDING will get you ‘amped up!’.