Here are audio examples for the July 2018 article “Miking Electric Guitars: Hands-On and Ears Open!”. These short examples illustrate the four setups described by Beto Hale in the article.

SETUP 1: Royer Labs R-122 12″ from cabinet, AKG C 414 XLII (in omni) out in hallway with door left open for unusual room tone.


SETUP 2: Shure SM57 close, matched stereo pair of AKG C 414 XLII (in cardioid) in center of tracking room for blendable ambience.

SETUP 3: Audix i5 and Royer R-122 close (Royer panned slightly left, Audix panned slightly right), Audio-Technica AT4050 (in cardioid) as middle-distant mic.


SETUP 4: Shure SM57 in front of cabinet (panned slightly left), Shure SM58 behind cabinet (panned slightly right).


Be sure to read the article in our July 2018 issue to learn more about these setups.