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“People would be better off if they would stop worrying about trying to produce records or products. Music is a real personal joy. You should enjoy it—try to get it out of your head that you have to turn [your music] into a record and you have to make somebody buy it. Enjoy it for what it is.”- The Residents

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Magazine Extras

The place for extra content from the magazine: series downloads, music/audio, extra pictures, and more!

Mixing & Mastering

Learn about everything that happens after tracking - from editing to mixing various instruments to the ins and outs of mastering.


The best collection of audio and recording DIY articles on the web. Modify microphones, build a preamp, and construct acoustic treatment, all right here.

How Stuff Works

The place to learn about the technical aspects of recording. Signal levels, microphone topology, tech jargon, and more!

For the Songwriter

The place for articles about writing, arranging, music business, promotion, distribution, and more.

For the Beginner

Just getting started? Learn the basics with our beginners' series here!

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