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Falling Over Again
Artist Name:
Union Of The Slaves
Falling Over Again
Date Posted:
December 2016
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Intel Core 2 Duo PC with 4 GB RAM running Steinberg Cubase Studio 4 with Waves plug-ins and Ampeg SVX for bass. Allen & Heath GL3 mixer. Mics: Audix drum mics, Shure SM57 for guitar amp (Randall RM100 head with Marshall cabinet). RŘDE NTK and Focusrite Trackmaster channel strip for vocal recordings. Behringer B2031A nearfield monitors.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Falling Over Again" is a male vocal rock song. Jean-Patrice Leroux played drums, Steeve Poirier played bass, the rhythm guitar and vocals were courtesy of Paskál Labonté. Pascal Des Marais played the lead guitar and handled the recording end of things.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
An excellent submission from across the Atlantic, one that came ever so close to making our Spotlight feature... halted only by a few balance and artifact issues.

All of the performances here are topnotch, ditto for the majority of the recording. Pascal has done an excellent job keeping his heavily distorted guitars articulate here; they still have plenty of girth but never get muddy through our monitors. The bass guitar is also very nicely played and recorded. We are privy to all of the movement that Steeve's performance provides, without the masking that often accompanies this type of heavy rock. Paskál's vocal chops are on full display here, although unfortunately we do hear a slight bit of compression-based sibilance as well.

Now for the rub. While the drums were expertly played and recorded, we felt that the overall level of the drums, along with the tight snare drum sound and lack of ambience, placed them at odds with the other sound sources. Through all four pairs of our monitors (yep, you heard right) the upfront positioning of the drums in the mix puts them in a space usually reserved for the lead vocal, driving the remaining sounds into the background.

Suggestions: As we said at the start, this is a stellar recording made by a tight creative unit, something we hear far too little of these days! As for the trouble spots, they are simply quick fixes in our mind.

We would encourage Pascal to revisit his mix and back off the vocal compression a wee bit. His powerful vocals undoubtedly needed some taming, but not to the point of smear. As for the drums, in our perfect world the snare would have a deeper and more robust tone, and the entire kit would be placed back into the stereo field and given some fair amount of reverb to "seat" it with the electric guitars.

Summary: Tres bien, merci!

Contact: Union Of The Slaves,
About: Marty Peters

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