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SPOTLIGHT 100: Love Gave Me The Wound
Artist Name:
Jim Josselyn
SPOTLIGHT 100: Love Gave Me The Wound
Date Posted:
August 2016
R&B and Soul
Equipment Used:

Antares Custom PC running Steinberg Nuendo and WaveLab and Sony ACID (for loops by Drums On Demand). AKG Perception 200 mic through ART preamp, Samson headphone amp. Gibson Pat Martino Custom guitar, Fender Jazz Bass, Korg Triton LE keyboard workstation.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Love Gave Me The Wound" is a male/female vocal R & B song. Jim wrote, performed/programmed, produced and recorded the track. Lead vocals were compliments of Jenna DiMartini (yes, the TV and film actress) and Milton Jenkins. Backing vocals were performed by Mike Stallmeyer and Milton Jenkins.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
This month's Spotlight, our hundredth winner since we began the series nearly a decade ago, is a mellow, sultry, "old school" rhythm and blues track that is simply dripping with vibe. Let's take a look at the various elements in play here that help to make "Love Gave Me The Wound" so successful.

As you loyal readers know, we have been focusing rather heavily lately at Spotlight and Readers' Tracks on the importance of song/instrument arranging. In today's DAW work environment, recordists have become accustomed to huge, if not infinite, amounts of computer based-firepower, leading to myriad options and choices. While few would argue the benefits that software can provide, it can often lead us down the slippery slope to the "paralysis of perfection" just as easily.

Back in the analog days, even the most tricked-out world class studios had limitations that simply no longer exist in our computer-based environment. Among the most important of these was limited track counts. The term "undo" meant "erase the tape"; compressors were assigned to only the most needy sound sources... and total recall? Sorry, folks! So, under such barbaric conditions, how did all those classic albums get made? Well, having been on the front lines for a lot of it, I can assure you that arrangement was a critical factor. It is not by accident that arranger credits were printed alongside writing and production on countless record sleeves.

From his production notes, we know that Jim has been at this recording game for a while. Among his successes are songs licensed to the Dicovery Channel, the Travel Channel, the Learning Channel, the Style Network, the E! Network, the DIY Network, VH1, PBS and FitTV, as well as some commercial work. Even though he could have overburdened his track with "stuff for stuff's sake," he wisely chose to keep his instrumentation sparse, allowing the superb vocal performances here to carry the day. Starting with a sweet a cappella intro, Jim creates a simple Motown style drum pattern via his Drums on Demand Software, accompanied by a rich round bass line from his Fender Jazz Bass.

To our ears, the real star of the show here (along with the vocals) is the killer electric piano sound from the Korg Triton LE Workstation. With a tone that is just shy of breaking up, Jim lays down some super-tasty licks that are spot on for the genre. As for the mix, there is a hypnotic weave of sound sources that creates a fantastic atmosphere, in our humble opinion. Good stuff, as Johnny Carson used to say!

Jim's submission is an excellent example of skilled writing, skilled performances, and that ever-so-important arrangement factor, showing us just how successful "less is more" can be in the right hands!

Summary: Smooth as silk!

Contact: Jim Josselyn/Creative Digital Music,
About: Marty Peters

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