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Artist Name:
Russell Blunt
Date Posted:
August 2016
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Korg D1600 desktop digital multitrack recorder; RØDE NTK vocal mic; M-Audio monitors and beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones. Martin 00CXAE acoustic guitar, Fender Strat with MIDI pickup into Roland GR-33 (for electric piano part), Yamaha bass guitar, drum tracks created in Acoustica Beatcraft software.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Brenna" is a male vocal rock song. Russell composed, programmed, performed, and recorded/mixed the track at his home studio.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 2
Written and recorded all in the same evening as an homage to a co-worker, Russell has put together a pretty successful sketch here by way of his modest (by today's standards) Korg D1600 multi-tracker. So what exactly do we mean by "sketch"?

Well, to our ears, Russell has assembled all of the pieces and parts required for executing his vision, but in his deliberate haste, they have not been presented in the final mix as a unified whole. Starting with a big bouncy kick drum/hi-hat/snare percussion bed, Russell shuffles his additional sound sources (including several different electric guitars) in and out of the mix in a rather abrupt fashion, leaving a distinct energy fluctuation in the overall mix as a result.

On the plus side, Russell has used his stereo field wisely; the panning is nicely conceived throughout the track. We found the remaining sound sources to be generally well recorded, although the effect on the vocal was a bit over the top, even for a guy who says he "couldn't sing if my life depended on it".

Suggestions: The old saying "strike while the iron is hot" certainly has its place in the creative process. Quick bursts of inspiration can often yield impressive results, particularly in the tracking stages of recording. That said, at mix time one could certainly argue the case that slowing things down a bit in order to explore options and possibilities also has merit.

We would suggest that Russell re-examine his mix and find/create a sound source that could "thread" his mix together in order to minimize the abruptness that accompanies the introduction of his myriad guitar parts. Oh, and by way of some additional free advice: the music world is full of folks that many would consider marginal vocalists, guys with last names like Dylan, Young, and Garcia. We call them stylists, Russell!

Summary: Off to a good start.

Contact: Russell Blunt,
About: Marty Peters

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