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SPOTLIGHT 92: Just Like Space
Artist Name:
Pompeii & The Ashes
SPOTLIGHT 92: Just Like Space
Date Posted:
December 2015
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Apple MacBook Pro with Apogee Duet interface running Apple Logic Pro 8 Studio, Mackie Onyx 1640 mixer/interface, ADAM Audio A7 monitors. Mics: Audio-Technica AT4040, Rode NT5s, Shure SM57s, Sennheiser e604s, Electro-Voice RE20. Nord Stage 88 keyboard, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jazz Bass.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Just Like Space" is a male vocal rock song. Eric Dorr sang the lead vocals; Lane Schneier handled the production, engineering, keyboards, bass, and vocals; Sawyer Bernath provided the electric guitar and vocals; and Steve Harpine was on the drums. The track was recorded in Lane Schneier's home studio (a.k.a. his living room).

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
This month's Spotlight is a prime example of the term "organic" that we refer to so often here at Recording. So just what do we mean by "organic" in musical terms (and no, it's not the absence of GMO's!)? Well, some -- but certainly not all -- of the characteristics would include little or no processing, an open/ambient drum sound, and often a sparse song arrangement. Missing from the party would be pitch correction, drum programming, and many other contemporary "tricks of the trade". Those of you familiar with the classic Band recording Music From Big Pink will be familiar with the concept.

Lane and company have done a superb job fashioning their own version of "organic" here, all within the confines of Lane's living room. The track intros with a beautifully conceived water glass sound via Lane's Nord Stage 88 keyboard, which is quickly joined by a short, incredibly realistic piano part (again from the Nord), followed in short order by the full band in its organic glory.

Crystal clear drums and cymbals with a nice room ambience, you bet. Solid rich bass, check. Beautifully recorded dry lead vocal sitting perfectly in the mix, yep. In fact, all of the necessary "organic" ingredients were right where we'd hoped they be!

As for the performances -- well, Pompeii & The Ashes may be a young band (the members were all college age at the time of the recording), but what a talented bunch they are! The drums are controlled yet energetic, ditto the bass guitar. Kudos to Lane and Sawyer as well for the excellent job sorting out their respective roles with the piano and electric guitar parts in the arrangement. Arpeggiated parts such as these can often become too rhythmic in a mix, resulting in a disjointed feel, but not so here. Well done.

We also must congratulate both Eric and Lane on the brilliantly performed and recorded/mixed vocals. The Audio-Technica 4040 large-capsule condenser mic seems the ideal fit for Eric's voice, delivering a smooth even sound free of sibilance. Extra credit must also be given for the magnificent "choir" vocals during the song's breakdown section. The execution, panning, processing, and placement here were as good as we have heard during our tenure at Recording. Bravo!

Suggestions: As you can tell, we were quite impressed with "Just Like Space", even more so given the fact that the entire track was done in a living room. Without dwelling on the age factor, we can also positively say that it's damn impressive on many levels, not the least being the writing and arrangement.

Summary: Great job by all!

Contact: Lane Schneier/Pompeii & The Ashes,
About: Marty Peters

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