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SPOTLIGHT 91: Colors
Artist Name:
Jon Specter
SPOTLIGHT 91: Colors
Date Posted:
October 2015
Equipment Used:

Athlon 1.25 GHz PC running Windows XP, Steinberg Cubase SX3, and Steinberg LM-7 drum machine plug-in, with Edirol MIDI keyboard controller; Mackie HR824 monitors; 1970 Fender Strat through Line 6 POD version 2.1 and Joemeek 3Q channel strip; Ibanez 4 string electric bass.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Colors" is a Rock/Jazz instrumental. Jon did it all in his home studio. The photo is of Jon's New Jersey-based band Queen Tipsy, for whom he plays guitar.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
Well, guitar fans, this month's Spotlight is a master class of great licks and tones, all wrapped up in a slinky sweet composition and dynamic arrangement. Before we delve into all the guitar goodness, however, let's take a look at the other sound sources that Jon has given us.

By now it is no secret that the majority of you loyal readers out there are of the one man/woman band persuasion. It is also true that most of us have a primary instrument of choice or expertise, and rare is the musician that is equally gifted on multiple instruments. Even the great Sir Paul McCartney, admittedly a fine pianist, guitarist and drummer, is regarded as a legendary bassist first and foremost. That said, kudos to Jon for building a solid platform for his guitar work. The drum programming is realistic and solid throughout the track, and the Ibanez bass has a rich, round tone that fills the low frequencies quite nicely.

As we mentioned earlier, however, the star (or stars in this case) of the show are the guitars and the guy playing them! Starting with the clean and ambient signature lick at the song's intro, Jon delights us with his killer chops throughout. While it is no secret that in most cases we prefer the sound of a well-miked speaker cabinet, Joe has garnered some great sounds from his 1970 Fender Strat/Line 6 POD signal path here. The guitar sounds crystalline in spots, muscular in others, and we really dig that beautiful, "creamy" descending harmony part at the midway point of the song. Best of all, we really hear the dynamic tone changes in the guitar when Joe bears down and then lets up again. Well done, sir!

Suggestions: Chops are great. Chops with superb tones are even better, and when you add in dynamics, tasty composition, and wise arrangement, then you've got a track to be proud of. Jon obviously spent time here finding out just what his POD could do -- these are definitely not just "grab the first thing that comes up" tones, folks.

Sadly, very few of us ever take the time to really explore the potential of our gear; much like it was with that new bike you got as a kid, the urge to just get on and go is a strong one. The success of this track certainly presents a strong reason to get into the habit of learning one's tools inside and out!

Summary: Play on, brother!

Contact:, www.myspace/queentipsy
About: Marty Peters

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