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SPOTLIGHT 90: Sorry For Starting A Band
Artist Name:
Eric Daino / The Holophonics
SPOTLIGHT 90: Sorry For Starting A Band
Date Posted:
September 2015
Equipment Used:

Apple MacBook Pro with PreSonus FireStudio Project interface running Apple Logic Pro 9, FXpansion BFD2 (virtual drums), Native Instruments B4 II (virtual organ), and iZotope Nectar (vocal processing) and Ozone 4 (mastering). AKG C414 XLII mic used for vocas, trombone, tenor sax, and electric guitar amp (Fender Mustang IV 2 x 12 combo). Bass recorded direct through Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Sorry For Starting A Band" is a male vocal reggae style song. Eric wrote and recorded the track. He also played guitar, bass, organ, and sang the backing vocals. Harrell Petersen sang the lead vocal. The horn section was Shane Robert Reider on trombone and Brian Handeland on tenor saxophone.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
Recording: This month's SPOTLIGHT a is tongue-in-cheek (we think!) Jamaican-influenced effort with a great open sound and sweet horn section. Oh, and then there are the lyrics! In his production notes Eric tells us quite a bit about how he built this fine track, and since we are forever curious about such details (and we know you are too!), we thought we would take a moment to pass it on.

"I first wrote a drum part in BFD2 and then printed to audio each part of the kit separately, so I could process dynamics, EQ, and add reverb in Logic. I played guitar, bass, and organ one at a time over the drums. Vocals and horns were recorded in my bedroom with curtains and sheets hanging from the ceiling to capture as dry a sound as possible. Since my bedroom does not sound great, I find it easier to record dry and then use digital reverb to place the lead instruments in a virtual space. I recorded the trombonist and saxophonist twice each and panned one take of each instrument to either side and bused them all to the same reverb setting in Logic's Space Designer so it would sound like a section of 4 players. Most of the plug-ins used for EQ, compression, and reverb are native to Logic, except for those on the vocal tracks which are from Izotope Nectar." Good stuff!

One of the first things that impressed us with Eric's submission was the awesome ambience on the drums. If he had told us that these drums were the product of a well tuned, well miked commercial studio we would have absolutely agreed. The fact that they were actually programmed is a testament to Eric's skill and diligence along with the quality of the FXpansion BFD2 software. The tones are gorgeous. Even the cymbals, often a dealbreaker in software-generated drums, come through aces here. The programming sounds like a "real" drummer and the large room ambience is just uncanny to our ears. Bravo, sir!

Moving on, the bass guitar does its part nicely with a big rich tone that is very genre-correct. We also dug the reedy organ sound weaving throughout the track, it's a perfect complement to the choppy electric guitar in our opinion.

Moving on, Eric did a fine job capturing both the lead and backing vocals. The AKG C414 XLII/PreSonus FireStudio Project signal chain provides a nice, slightly mid-forward sound that sits really well in the mix. We also applaud his choice to present the vocals with little to no ambience, letting the drums take the lead in this department. Last but certainly not least are the superbly played, recorded and mixed horns. We assume that Eric employed the same equipment here as on the vocals, and it once again translated beautifully. Doubling and panning each horn lends a fullness and presence to the section, and you just can't beat the tones. There's no harshness in the trumpet whatsoever. Outstanding.

Suggestions: Effort, attention to detail, clear vision, taut arrangement, great performances and a sense of humor combine to form a superb track. Stuff like this doesn't just happen, folks -- it takes all of it to succeed at this level. Inspiring, to say the least.

Summary: Thank you for starting a band!

Contact: Eric Daino,
About: Marty Peters

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