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Velvet Mind
Artist Name:
A. Jude
Velvet Mind
Date Posted:
July 2015
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Unspecified computer with unspecified interface running Avid Pro Tools and Native Instruments Kontakt 4. Mics: Electro-Voice RE320 and Shure SM57. Fender "Clapton" Strat and Precision Bass, Kustom TRT 50 and Fender Twin amps, Line 6 DL4 looper/delay, DigiTech iStomp effects pedal, BOSS DD5 delay pedal..

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Velvet Mind" is a male vocal rock song. The production notes are a bit too straight and to the point... they read, in their entirety, "A. Jude: everything". Well, then! Let's see what kind of "everything" we have here.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
As it turns out, this track from "A." features some pretty cool stuff. Starting with the Mickey Hart space drum sounds conjured up via his Kontakt 4 sampler plug-in, we are presented with a really successful track that is moody yet driving. We absolutely love the sound of the lead and backing vocals that A. captured on the recording. While it is unclear whether he used the Electro-Voice RE320 or the Shure SM57 to track them, the results are superbly smooth and perfectly balanced in the mix to our ears.

The remaining sound sources are also well presented, with the clean clear guitar and bass in contrast to the dirtier synth patch in the breakdown section. We also appreciated the panning choices involved in the mix, which provided a "roomy" sound to a track with a good amount of sonic information. Nice work, A!

Suggestions: This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, that we mention the microphone/voice "marriage" in these pages. Give the sheer number of options available, finding the right mic can certainly be a frustrating journey. That said, what A. did here may well serve as the ideal approach. Given the fact that these were the microphones in his studio, he quite simply made the best use of the choices that were available to him.

Not only were his vocals expertly executed and presented without artifact, but in addition, the balance skill shown at mix time further enhanced their quality. We suggest that all of you loyal readers take this to heart in your own efforts. Very few of us are under any old-school record company pressure to hurry up release dates on our recordings. Signing off on mixes that still have problems is something we see/hear a lot of in this column, but listening to the vocals here is a great reminder of how a bit more effort can pay great dividends.

Summary: Sweet! "Climbed a ladder to my brain..."

Contact: A. Jude,
About: Marty Peters

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