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Bourbon Street
Artist Name:
Jim Bethke
Bourbon Street
Date Posted:
June 2015
Equipment Used:

Dual 1.25 GHz G4 Mac with 2 GB of RAM, with MOTU 2408 and 8pre audio interfaces and MIDI Timepiece AV MIDI interface, running MOTU Digital Performer 5.13 and Waves Gold Bundle plug-ins. Mics: Shure SM57 and SM58 (high and floor toms), Audio-Technica 4047/SV (vocals), two Oktava MK012 (overheads), Shure Beta 57 (snare), AKG D-112 (kick), two Audix D2 (rack toms). Yamaha 01V mixer, Event 20/20 Biamplified Monitors, Samson S-Phone headphone amp, AKG K55 headphones, Tama Rockstar 6-piece drum kit with multiple Zildjian cymbals, Yamaha SY99 synthesizer.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Bourbon Street" is a male vocal "blues" tune. Jim did it all, with the exception of the guitars, which were played by Dan Goldsmith.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 3
Recording: Quite an adventurous submission here, with plenty of sound sources and a fairly busy arrangement to boot. Let’s see how Jim did managing it all.

While we are not sure which is his primary instrument, overall Jim seems to have a pretty good feel for the role of each in his mix. That said, there's a lot of stuff happening throughout the song... a bit too much, in our humble opinion. Starting with the rhythm section, we found the bass guitar to be the loudest thing in the mix through our monitors, out in front of the drums, and considerably more present than the vocals.

This presence differential also applied to the panned faux horns, as well as the keyboards that come in and out during the track. Jim and Dan both did a good job with the guitars, although the right-panned, busy keyboard part during the guitar solo really pulled our attention away from Dan's fine performance. We also have to question the necessity of the breakdown at 2:50 into the track. To us it was an energy killer and did little to benefit the overall song.

Suggestions: While we applaud Jim for the obvious skill and effort that went into “Bourbon Street”, we have two suggestions that we would like to offer. The lopsided mix balance that we are hearing here makes us question the room acoustics at Jim's mix position. Did he hear the bass and the other "presence heavy" sounds as forward as we do? Hard to say, but checking it on multiple speaker systems would likely have pointed it out.

We would also urge Jim to spend a bit more time under his producer/arranger hat. Back in the day, record companies often assigned these crucial individuals to projects in order to free the artist/player from having to make every decision regarding a track. These days, most of us wear all of the hats simultaneously. Giving equal time and importance to each of the "hats" requires patience and honesty, but in our mind, "producer" Jim would have likely urged "musician/composer" Jim to remove the competitive keyboard during Dan's solo, as well as nixing that breakdown section.

Summary: Rearrange, remix, renew!

Contact: Jim Bethke,,
About: Marty Peters

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