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SPOTLIGHT 84: A Different Kind Of Crash
Artist Name:
David Forshee recording Her Sweet Autumn Misery
SPOTLIGHT 84: A Different Kind Of Crash
Date Posted:
February 2015
Equipment Used:

MacBook Pro with Digi 002 interface running Avid Pro Tools 7.4 and plug-ins by Wave Arts (Power Suite 5), IK Multimedia (Ampeg SVX for bass), and iZotope (Ozone 3 for mastering). Mics: RODE NT2-A (acoustic guitars, vocals, snaps, whistles, trumpet, drum room, etc.), Shure SM57 (on VOX AC30 guitar amp), Shure Beta 52 (kick), Audix 6-piece drum mic kit (i5, D2, D4, and ADX51 stereo pair for overheads). ART Digital MPA and PreSonus DigiMAX D8 preamps before 002.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"A Different Kind of Crash" is a male vocal folk/Americana tune. David recorded the track at his project studio, QueenSix Productions. The members of the band Her Sweet Autumn Misery are Landon Miller on guitar and vocals, Ben Densmore on guitar, Michael Weileder on bass, Justin Steele on drums, and Chelsea Norman on vocals; we got the personnel information from the band's Facebook page, as David submitted their song as an example of his engineering and production work.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
Recording: This month's Spotlight is a super strong group effort, from the writing and arrangement straight on through to the tracking and final mix.

Over the years, you loyal readers have heard us mention the term "seating the vocal in the mix," along with the "marriage" between a voice and the mic and preamp used to capture it. One of the first things that grabbed our attention about this excellent track was the superb quality of the lead vocal tone. Right from the get-go, the vocal recording impressed us with its beautiful richness, clarity, and subtle compression. Presented with no additional processing, the aforementioned "marriage" between Landon's voice and the RODE NT2-A microphone/ART Digital MPA mic pre is simply outstanding -- in our opinion, one of the very best that we have heard in recent memory. David has managed to practically float the lead vocal above the sweetly picked, beautifully recorded acoustic guitar during the song's intro, all while keeping the balance between the two intact. Nice!

Moving on through the tune, we love the open natural sound of the drums here. David has used his Audix drum mics (along with a Shure Beta 52 on the kick) to full advantage; through our monitors the balance over the entire kit is superb. While we don't know the exact dimensions of the tracking space at QueenSix, the ambience is that of a nice-sized room, providing an organic sound that is ideal for the genre.

We also have to mention the richly rounded yet punchy tone of the bass that David achieved with the aid of his IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX modeling plug-in. Justin and Michael's rhythm section performance provides an excellent model for all of you readers out there, particularly the non-drummers who struggle with in-the-box or standalone drum processing on their own recordings.

Finally we must compliment the band for the outstanding quality of the songwriting and song arrangement here. The transitions and dynamics between the various parts of the track are well designed and add a flow to the track that provides energy and interest without excess or histrionics. "Stitching leaves on a Turkish river boat"... Awesome!

Summary: Straight into our iPod rotation!

Contact: David Forshee/QueenSix Productions,,
About: Marty Peters

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