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When The Rain Falls
Artist Name:
When The Rain Falls
Date Posted:
January 2015
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Windows 7 i5 2400 computer with Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 audio interface and M-Audio 49-key keyboard controller (for keyboard and drum parts) running PreSonus Studio One Pro software. Shure SM7B on vocals through a Grace Design m101 preamp, Mogami cables, KRK G2 Rokit 5 monitors.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"When The Rain Falls" is a male vocal acoustic rock song. Sam Ramano wrote the music and handled all of the instruments. Fred Flory wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals. Daniel Gough produced and engineered the track. Daniel also co-produced the song along with Fred Flory.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
Recording: Really nice effort here, with a great rainy day (hey, if the title fits, pun it!) Barnstorm-era Joe Walsh vibe. We love the wide-panned strummed acoustic guitars; Sam did an excellent job of giving each a singular voice while achieving a solid blend of the two.

The rhythm section is spot on for the genre, and we particularly dug the keyboard-generated "brushy" snare drum tone. Sam wisely kept things simple here, and in doing so he served the song wisely. Other highlights included some tasty keyboards and nicely tight harmony vocals.

On the down side, we felt that the rain sound effect in the song's intro was too obvious, as well as too loud. We also detected some slight sibilance on the lead vocal, which is rarely the case when coming from a Shure SM7 mic.

Suggestions: Not a whole lot to quibble with here, fellas. The overall collaboration has yielded pretty impressive results. As for our areas of concern, isolating the lead vocal minus any processing would help to determine just where the sibilance is coming from. As for the rain effect, it's kind of cliché to us, but if you all are sold on it, a bit more subtlety might be in order.

Summary: Solid all around.

Contact: Captured,
About: Marty Peters

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