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Love Is All I Need
Artist Name:
Joey Cabusas
Love Is All I Need
Date Posted:
May 2014
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Custom PC (Intel Core i7 4770) with TASCAM FireOne interface running Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 with audio routed via JACK through Harrison MixBus plug-in. Yamaha HS50M studio monitors, Yamaha SY77 keyboard workstation.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Love is All I Need" is a male vocal rock song. Dennis Alejandria wrote the song, Eddie Planes sang the vocals, Kenya Marshal performed the rap, the electric guitar solo was courtesy of Jaime Diaz, and Joey was the arranger/MIDI programmer and mix engineer.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
Recording: A tale of two countries! Joey tells us that the guitar solos, vocals and rap were done in the USA, while the programming and mix were done in the Philippines. So how did this multiple-time-zone effort turn out? Pretty darn good, thank you!

Starting with the rhythm section, the drum programming and the individual drum tones are as tight and realistic as we've heard, and the bass supports the drums throughout. The electric guitar sounds are edgy and the solos, while showing signs of distortion (as in tracking, not fuzzbox), are both articulate and emotive. We also loved the '70's-era string patch that gives flight to the arrangement (The Sound Of Philadelphia indeed!).

Joey has also done a nice job integrating the rap into the mix here; it is beautifully recorded (we wish we knew what mics he used), free of artifact, and adds no discernible loss of flow to the proceedings. Lastly, we applaud Joey for the way he handled his effects. The room ambience on the kick drum gave it a great sense of space, and the multi-tap delay on both the lead vocals and electric guitars were carefully executed throughout the track.

Suggestions: While we are unsure of just how the tracks traveled back and forth between countries, the results are impressive. Joey has got a good thing going here and we encourage him to keep on rockin'!

Summary: No jet lag in sight!

Contact: Joey Cabusas,
About: Marty Peters

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