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Do Ya?
Artist Name:
Tully Franks / Quixote Fugly
Do Ya?
Date Posted:
March 2014
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Dell desktop PC and AT&T netbook PC running Windows Vista and Cockos REAPER with TASCAM US-122 and US-2000 interfaces. Mics: Shure SM57, Audio-Technica ATM Pro 25, MXL 990, Blue Bluebird, and AKG C1000S. Fender Sonoran, Fender Strat through Fender Twin Reverb amp, Fret King bass. No information provided on monitoring system.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Do Ya?" is a male vocal rock song. Tully Franks wrote, produced and engineered the track at the home studio of friend Kevin Parton and "at various locations in spare time." The band was Tully on acoustic guitars and vocals, Dave Davis on electric guitar and drums, and Linus Byars on bass.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 2
Recording: In their production notes, the guys tell us that feedback would be greatly appreciated. Well, that's what we're here for, fellas, so let's get started.

Starting at the top, the intro fade-in feels a bit awkward to us due to its short throw. From there, the acoustic guitar/vocal combination seems solid leading up to a small crescendo where the rest of the sound sources are supposed to kick in. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of "kick" in the kick-in; the bass and drums make a rather tepid entrance, rather than the energetic one we were anticipating, causing an energy sag right where the track could use a boost.

As for the individual sound sources, we liked the guitars (a bit more use of the stereo field through panning would increase our affection!) and the doubled lead vocal worked very well. Less successful to our ears was the bass tone, which lacked midrange definition through our monitors. We don't know how it sounded to you guys, because yet again you didn't list which monitors or headphones you used while working. As for the drums, their placement so far back in the mix seemed apologetic, and we also heard some timing issues causing them to be out of sync with the bass. At least a little information on the drums would have helped us possibly figure out some suggestions beyond general hints...

Suggestions: There is a lot of good raw material here to work with, and with some reshaping the track could definitely shine, starting with the intro. A fade in should have a purpose in our view, whether it be to create mood, tension, or a sense of anticipation. We suggest that Tully re-examine the purpose of his fade in and increase its length correspondingly.

Regarding the crescendo, that buildup can only work if the rhythm section assumes a more energetic place in the mix. Increasing the volume of the bass and drums would be of real benefit. While we have no way of knowing whether the band used a click track while recording, utilizing one in the future may be advisable. In the short term, fixing the drum timing issues and goosing the bass tone with more punch in the mids will bring a much better flow to the overall mix.

Summary: Good start, keep at it!

Contact: Tully Franks / Quixote Fugly,
About: Marty Peters

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