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Goddess Serene
Artist Name:
Clark Millis
Goddess Serene
Date Posted:
November 2013
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

TASCAM DP-24 tabletop multitrack recorder, Shure SM58 and SM57, Behringer B1031a Truth monitors, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson EB-3 bass, MXR compressor, Marshall combo, Casio CTK-558 for drums, percussion and strings.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Goddess Serene" is a male vocal rock song. Clark wrote, performed and recorded it all at his home studio.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 3
Recording: Clark tells us that after quitting his band some thirty years ago, he has recently taken up music again with all new equipment except for his 40-year-old bass and old reliable SM58. Welcome back, sir!

While we are not sure whether Clark had any recording experience "back in the day", A whole lot has changed during that time, including the disappearance of those crazy old tape machines! Anyway... the present tense finds Clark with his performing skill intact and a pretty good handle on the recording end of things as well.

Starting with the rhythm section, while the pattern from Clark's Casio keyboard is bare-bones, it does provide a solid foundation for further expansion. The bass guitar is fairly strong in the mix, not surprising as it is his main instrument, and offers a good round tone. We also liked the harmony guitar tones and placement.

On the down side, we could have used more reverb on the faux strings in order to give them some "air", and the lead vocal seemed a bit shy through our monitors.

Suggestions: First off, coming back to any creative medium after such a long break is a success story in and of itself. Clark has fashioned a pretty fair recording here, certainly one that could be called a solid demo. In his cover letter, we are told, "I am not a singer and am still learning to play the guitar." Well, Clark, my wife would say the same about Bob Dylan.

We would be happy if you would spend some time experimenting with the onboard reverb in your TASCAM recorder, find a nice hall setting, and slap it on those strings. As for the vocals, Dylan, Young, Cohen, Garcia, some of our greatest artists were... um... "stylists" more than vocalists. That said, they were brave warriors, so don't be shy, take their lead, and turn that vocal up!

Summary: Keep on truckin', Clark.

Contact: Clark Millis,
About: Marty Peters

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