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Artist Name:
Tim Smith / Comeback City
The Great Scottsmen
Date Posted:
October 2013
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Interface: iMac (Intel i5 quad-core) with Digidesign Digi 002 mixer/interface running Digidesign Pro Tools 8; Yamaha HS-80 monitors; PreSonus Studio Channel tube preamp/compressor/eq channel strip (used on every instrument/vocal). Guitars: Crate V Series half stack miked with Shure SM57; Vocals: Sterling Audio ST-69 Tube Condenser Mic. Drums from Toontrack Superior Drummer.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"The Great Scottsmen" is a male vocal rock song. We assume from the absence of individual credits that Tim was the sole creator here: "Concept and recording over a week's period in my studio," he tells us.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 3
Recording: Tim has really produced a pretty pounding track here, which he says was written as a theme song for his Men's League Hockey Team. We love the tone of the toms at the intro and the drums in general; Tim has made excellent use of Superior Drummer and the programming sounds very "real" to our ears.

We also thought that Tim did well in managing his low midrange frequencies throughout the mix. While the electric guitar has a lot of low-mid thump, it steers clear of the bass guitar, allowing both instruments to really drive the track with power. Well done!

As for the remaining sound sources, the single "pipe" sound during the intro certainly helps with the atmosphere, but pales in comparison to the bombast that follows. We also felt that the vocals sounded a bit thin given the context, though the attempt to make the vocal come across with a sort of "bunch of hammered guys in a pub" sound may have played into this.

Suggestions: At the risk of Tim going all "Braveheart" on us, we would love to hear a more robust sound on the vocals. Oh, and nothing scares the other team quite as much as coming out for the third period in kilts, with a bagpiper as one of your first line forwards. Just sayin'.

Summary: Let's go Scottsmen!

Contact: Tim Smith / Comeback City,
About: Marty Peters

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