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Artist Name:
Deron Daum / Four Whole Weeks
Date Posted:
July 2013
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Computer with Avid C|24 control surface/interface and Apogee Rosetta 800 converters, running Avid Pro Tools HD|3. Plug-ins: IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2, Ampeg SVX, Sonik Synth 2, and Classic Studio Reverb; Waves SSL E-Channel, BF76, MaxxBass (on kick), and Super-tap; Celemony Melodyne; Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor; Avid SansAmp PSA-1 (drums & keys) and D-Verb. Mackie HR824 monitors, Great River ME-1NV preamp, Empirical Labs Distressor. Mics: Peluso 22 251, AKG C3000, Shure SM57 (guitar). Instruments: Rickenbacker bass (direct into Great River & Distressor), Gibson Les Paul into Marshall JCM800 half-stack, Roland TD-3 drums triggering FXpansion BFD2.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Go" is a male vocal rock song. The song is a co-write and collaboration between Deron and his brother Jordan, with Jordan on guitars and lead vocals and Deron on the remaining sound sources (drums, bass, keys, and backing vocals) as well as the recording and mixing.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
Recording: This month's Spotlight is a great example of long-distance collaboration combined with some really focused effort by the brothers Daum. Deron provided us with some superb info (hint, hint!) in his production notes, so here it is from the man himself.

"I had a song in Recording about 17 years ago, thought it was time to submit a newer entry. :) This song was recorded in a den studio with my brother Jordan. I live in Seattle and Jordan lives in Phoenix, so we don't get together often. When we do, we write and record quickly. This song was one of 6 that was completed in one week in our last session together."

"The song was written on acoustic guitar. I built up drums & percussion to take it in a funkier direction using various loops and played drums. We then tracked bass, guitars, keys and vocals in that order, writing as we went."

"Guitars were recorded both direct and miked. I love the flexibility this gives by allowing me to tweak the tone with plug-ins after the fact to best complement the miked guitar. Lead vocals were recorded with the Peluso/Great River/Distressor chain. I swapped the mic to a C3000 for my backing vocals."

"Once the basic tracks were down, a second guitar track with a simple 2-note riff was added at 3 points in the song, mixed loudly to grab attention. Some weird noises I found in the Pro Tools library and vocal ad-libs were added at the end."

"Mixing came together quickly on this song. I usually agonize over mixes, doing many versions, but this one worked without a lot of fussing. It is a total of 23 tracks, with 10 being drums & percussion once all of the drum tracks were split out (a great feature of BFD2). I did a lot of muting of the guitar tracks to create the final arrangement. Mainly this was to help build up and have the chorus pop."

"D-Verb was used on a send for vocals. IK CSR was used for a drum room sound as well as an ambience send to put some drums, guitars and backing vocals further back in the sound field. SuperTap Delay was placed on lead vocal and keys. Distortion was a heavily used effect for this song, to get a modern/retro sound (odd term!). We used only the Slate FG-X on the master fader."

Suggestions: Well, there you have it! Our take is that Deron and Jordan have fashioned a catchy funky/organic track that delivers the goods. We dig the slightly "ringy" '90s-era snare drum sound, while the kick drum and bass guitar have totally locked in the groove. The electric guitars have that elusive "gritty" tone that is so often written about, but too rarely heard. Jordan's vocals are certainly present in the mix, and with nary an artifact to boot. The switch to the AKG3000 mic for the backing vocals also paid sonic dividends, in our opinion.

Compliments to Deron as well for his creative use of panning, and the courage to actually use DYNAMICS as part of his mix philosophy. It is so rare to find a rock song these days that doesn't resemble a hyper limited square wave. Darn near brings a tear to our eyes, boys, pretty fair use of those frequent flyer miles!

Summary: Creation, inspiration, experimentation and perspiration. Not a bad mantra for all recordists, regardless of genre.

Contact: Deron Daum,
About: Marty Peters

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