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Artist Name:
Kevin Auger / Subanez
Date Posted:
July 2012
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Yamaha AW1600 desktop recorder, referenced through KRK Rokit5 monitors. Guitar (Ibanez JS1000) and bass (Ibanez Ergodyne 4-string) played through Peavey Valve King 212 amp, miked with a Shure SM57 into an M-Audio DMP3 preamp, then to recorder. BOSS ME-70 for chorus and light compression on guitar. Percussion: BOSS DR-880, direct into recorder. Vocals: Audio-Technica AT4040 active ribbon mic into DMP3 and Lexicon MX400 for light compression. Bass and vocal treatments via AW1600 onboard effects.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Resemblance" is a male vocal Metal song. Kevin wore all of the hats on the project, and recorded it in an "unfortunately-square spare bedroom". Kevin tells us, "I have acoustic treatments as best as I can, but I just can't take the "squareness" of the room out. The low end of my mixes usually suffers because of that, and I do my best running back and forth to different stereos in the "finishing" stages to try to get the best balance."

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
Recording: We struggled mightily whether to include Kevin's track in our SPOTLIGHT e-newsletter rather than in Readers' Tapes; if not for the fact that we feel the track could benefit from some overall mastering, it would be headed there. In our opinion "Resemblance" is one of the strongest one-man-band submissions that we have received in some time, and a great example of what can come from some obvious talent and hard work.

Right from the intro we really dug the overall balance of the mix. Every instrument seems to be in its place and designed to work as a solid whole. The guitars are as thick as fog (that's good) and the bass holds its own without intruding into the low midrange.
We also have to give Kevin props for his drum programming; it sure sounds like a "real" player to us! Kudos also on the vocal blend, the fact that they are set back into the mix gives the track a level sound in our view. Well done, sir!

Suggestions: A successful mix such as this deserves the full treatment, and to that end we would love to hear what a great mastering engineer could do to take it up to the next level. We would encourage Kevin to honor his effort, find a mastering house that specializes in this genre, and "gift" himself a few hours for his mix.

Summary: Great stuff! Keep it up.

Contact: Kevin Auger,
About: Marty Peters

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