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You're like a...
Artist Name:
Pete Thompson / play_rewind_eject
You're like a...
Date Posted:
March 2012
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

PC with M-Audio 1010LT audio interface and ESI KeyControl MIDI keyboard running Cakewalk Home Studio 4 with BBE Sonic Maximizer plug-in, Cakewalk VST strings as a virtual instrument; Behringer Eurorack UB2552FX-PRO mixer, Studio Projects B1 mic, "Freshman Acoustic".

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Production Notes & Credits:

"You're like a..." is a male vocal rock somg. Pete did it all at his home studio, except the mastering which was done by Pete Maher.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 3
Recording: A cool tune with more than a few interesting twists and turns. Pete laid down a really well executed and recorded acoustic guitar/shaker part to intro the track. The tonal contrast between these and the piano/lead vocal that enter next is quite effective. We also like the inclusion of the electric slide guitar, while the quirky synth added a "Cars" style vibe that prolonged the otherwise pretty basic arrangement. Nicely done.

Our only real issue here is the lack of a focused bass. Pete has programmed a fairly busy and creative drum pattern, but it needs a dancing partner in our opinion. It is referred to as a rhythm section, after all, and a section would imply more than one, don't ya think? While we do hear some low end drone comming from the keyboards, it seems to bear little connection to the drums.

Suggestions: Stay back you Black Key'd White Stripers, we know good and well that you can rock hard without a bass. Heck, we're old enough to remember when Lee Michaels and Frosty (Google it) did it back in the day. The difference here, to our way of thinking, is the amount of sound sources and the arrangement. This is not a blasting guitar/vocal and drum duo, but rather a pretty fleshed out arrangement missing a key ingredient. So Pete, please add a bass and make your momma proud.

Summary: Bottoms up!

Contact: Pete Thompson / play_rewind_eject,, Topfloor Music:
About: Marty Peters

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