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Exit Wounds
Artist Name:
Reaching Relevance
Exit Wounds
Date Posted:
May 2011
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Roland VS-1680 desktop recorder, Dell PC with M-Audio Delta 1010LT interface running Adobe Audition 2.0. Mics: TOA DM-605U (kick), Shure 5455D Unidyne 3 (overhead 1), Shure SM57 (guitar, snare, harmonica), V-Tech VT 1050 (overhead 2). Jackson/Charvel Strat guitar, Johnson by AXEL P-bass, Sunlite 5-piece drum kit with Remo heads, Marshall 100W Valvestate with Peavey 2x12" cab, BOSS Blues Driver, Hohner harmonica.

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Production Notes & Credits:

Music: "Exit Wounds" is an instrumental rock song. Geno Hobbs played drums and harmonica, Kyle Hobbs was on guitar, and the bass guitar and recording chores fell to Jeremiah Tompkins.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 2
Recording: Jeremiah explains that the guitar and drums were recorded live through the Roland recorder, using its preamps, and routed to the PC, and the bass was overdubbed direct. Jeremiah tells us that he is desperate for some feedback/constructive criticism. Fair enough then, lad... let's take a look under the hood and see what's happenin'.

Two of the most problematic areas of the mixing process are instrument balance and the management of the stereo field, and Jeremiah's mix is no exception. While most of the individual sound sources are well-recorded, we found that the cymbals were too prominent through our monitors. We also felt that the distorted electric guitar hijacked the mix every time it came in, resulting in a loss of bass guitar clarity due to low midrange frequency masking.

Suggestions: Jeremiah seems to have a pretty good handle on the recording process in general. As for suggestions, pulling the cymbals back in volume will help with the "disembodied" feel that they have at present. Regarding the frequency issues, if Jeremiah is sold on his guitar having that much lo-mid presence, we suggest that he pan it out away from the center of the stereo field so that it doesn't swallow up the bass guitar.

If, on the other hand, the guitar needs to be "up the gut" (I know, football season is over... sue me) we would encourage him to sweep the guitar eq with a highpass filter from 500 Hz downward, until he finds a space where each can have their own voice.

Summary: Better than you've given yourself credit for, Jeremiah. Work on your mix and you'll soon be reaching relevance.

Contact: Reaching Relevance,
About: Marty Peters

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