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SPOTLIGHT 43: Kissed By The Devil
Artist Name:
Iblis Kotor
SPOTLIGHT 43: Kissed By The Devil
Date Posted:
February 2011
Equipment Used:

Equipment: Apple Mac Pro with MOTU 828Mk3 interface running Logic 8; grand piano, bass, guitar, percussion set, drums (Kick, cymbal), flexitone and soft synth. No details given on mic choices.

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Production Notes & Credits:

Music: "Kissed by the Devil" is a one-man-band free-jazz instrumental piece. Iblis tells us that this is the original mixdown of the piece and it has not been mastered yet; he did all playing and recording duties.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
Recording: How fun is this! Our latest Spotlight is a solo project chock full of great tones and performances combined with some awesome ambience, all wrapped up in a quirky package. Iblis told us, "I made this tracks, for genre it more flexible and more individual experiment. For the mix, I tried to achieved the rooms and smells like woods. Try to improve the leftfield vintage sound." English may not be his first language, but the music he's created speaks beautifully to all of us! We don't get a lot of jazz submissions to Readers' Tapes, and it's a blast to get a track this fearless and well-recorded.

While in most cases we would have challenged something as "out there" as the audible piano bench squeaks during the opening seconds of the tune, given the vibe of the track, it actually seems to fit. We love the tension filled piano intro, like a "world" take on the great "Poppa was a Rolling Stone". We also really enjoyed how the drums built slowly, again adding tension to the track, and this, combined with some great panning on the bell tree and percussion, sent us straight off to find our headphones. Far out, man!

Once the headphones were on, we were immediately treated to the sound of actual room ambience, as real as day and mightily done, we should add. Great stuff!

Suggestions: While this style of music may not be everyone's cup of tea, the quality of the recording should be recognized irrespective of genre, so enjoy.

Summary: Honey, where'd you put the lava lamp?

Contact: Iblis Kotor,
About: Marty Peters

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