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Lost At Sea
Artist Name:
Allison Frith
Lost At Sea
Date Posted:
February 2011
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Apple iMac with Avid Mbox 2 mini running Pro Tools 8 LE; RODE NT2-A mic (vocals, guitar). Drums recorded in a studio, MIDI piano.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Lost at Sea" is a male vocal rock song. Paul Witcamp played the electric guitar, the vocals were courtesy of Alex Dobbert, and Kyle Snyder rounded things out on drums. We're guessing Allison played the other instruments as well as doing the recording duties.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 2
Recording: "Lost at Sea" presents itself as a well-written and -arranged track in need of a little additional attention, particularly in regard to the stereo field and the song's low end information.

While the lead vocal is impressively recorded and "seated" in the center of the sound field, it seems that the guys also chose to put the MIDI piano and all the guitars there as well, and while the result stops just short of a logjam, it gives the track an overall small feeling.

As for the low end, no bass guitar was listed in the production notes, and since we failed to hear one through our monitors, we'll assume that none was recorded. Yeah, we know that there are bands rocking this style out there, but this track has little in common with the White Stripes, not to mention the Black Keys. Instead, we hear a well-recorded drum performance, one that the band splurged to record in a commercial facility... minus a dancing partner.

Suggestions: It's a big wide world out there, fellas, try panning those melody instruments out to the sides a bit and listen to them bloom.

While we can only speculate as to the exclususion of a bass guitar on the track, as it stands you've got a car with no engine. Borrow a bass or follow in the steps of Ray Manzerek and Lee Michaels and use your MIDI piano to simulate one.

Summary: "I feel like some old engine, lost my drivin wheel" -- Tom Rush

Contact: Allison Frith,

About: Marty Peters

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