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Green Bridges
Artist Name:
Josh Lemasters
Green Bridges
Date Posted:
November 2010
Equipment Used:

Apple MacBook with PreSonus INSPIRE 1394 interface running Apple GarageBand; Studio Projects B1 mic, M-Audio BX5A Deluxe studio monitors, M-Audio Oxygen 49 keyboard controller, Taylor 410ce acoustic guitar, old ukulele, Hohner harmonica.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Green Bridges" is a male vocal folk song. Josh tells us he did it all in an "afternoon of inspiration."

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
Recording: A lot to like here. Josh has written a very cool tune, and for the most part the recording follows suit. We like the ambient Mark Knopfler-style electric guitar, and the acoustic guitars are nicely recorded as well. The bass is full and rich, and Josh has done a really good job with the harmonica and mandolin. Keeping these two instruments panned away from each other allows each to "speak" without any frequency clash.

We also have to commend him on the way that he has blended the backing vocals here, their seamless entry is pretty impressive. About our only criticism with "Green Bridges" is a tad bit of smear at times on the lead vocal track; other than that we like it quite fine, thank you!

Suggestions: There is an interesting phenomena that happens every few years or so when a certain artist or group introduces what we will call, for lack of a better word, a tick. In the Seventies, it happened with the chesty full-throated Michael McDonald delivery style. Then there was the Don Henley breathy vocal. Suddenly there were a whole lot of folks trying to cop those styles, usually with limited success!

A present day example of this "syndrome" is what we like to call John-Mayer-itis. Now don't get us wrong, the guy is uber talented, has sold gajillions of CD's, and lives a life that few of us can only dream of. That said, his vocal delivery style, in the wrong hands, can give enunciation a pretty bad name. Could it be that the "smear" afflicting Josh's vocal is actually a bit of Mayer-itis? We'll never know for sure, but who doesn't enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and then?

Either way, we would like to encourage Josh to get his vocals as pristine as the rest of his sound sources, just in case we're wrong about the whole conspiracy deal!

Summary: A great Springtime track.

Contact: Josh Lemasters,

About: Marty Peters

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