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Artist Name:
Steve Anderson and Leslie McCullum
Date Posted:
October 2010
R&B and Soul
Equipment Used:

TASCAM 2488 Mk2 digital multitrack workstation; Sterling Audio ST55 mic for vocals; PreSonus Tube Pre and BlueTube preamps, dbx 166XL compressor/limiter/gate and PB48 patchbay, Alesis Quadraverb, Furman Power conditioner, M-Audio BX8a monitors and SBX10 subwoofer, Alesis Fusion HD8 keyboard workstation.

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Production Notes & Credits:

"Walk On" is a female vocal Soul/R&B song. Steve handled the recording and Leslie provided the vocals, with Wendell Prosser supplying the male backing vocal tracks. The percussion, bass, and all keyboards were programmed via an Alesis Fusion HD8 keyboard workstation. The tune has been sent out for professional mastering, but Steve offered us the chance to hear the mix before this was done.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 5
Recording: This month's Spotlight combines some old school Soul with a bit more contemporary R&B to form a delicious vocal delight. Steve tells us that although many other parts had been recorded for inclusion in the track, at mix time he and Leslie decided to strip the recording back down to its essence in order to focus the listener's attention on the vocals.

Bravo, guys, we applaud your courage and foresight! We can't begin to tell you how many fine submissions that have come our way suffering from the old "Hey, we have tracks left -- let's fill 'em up!" syndrome. Quite often artists seem to refuse to accept and or play to their strengths, sort of like a football team with a great quarterback whose coach insists on running the ball all game.

As far as "Walk On" is concerned, with vocal chops like these, Leslie could be singing along with a cigar-box guitar accompaniment and still deliver. The woman can flat out sing, and the clean recording, free of artifacts, combined with the superior vocal arranging skills on display here, have resulted in a track that sounds timeless to our ears.

Summary: Restraint and taste should be considered as tools in any recordist's trick bag. The proof is in the pudding, folks. Outstanding!

Contact: Steve Anderson and Leslie McCullum, Steve and Leslie inform us that the song Walk On by The Steve Anderson Band is now available in its final mastered form as a download from a variety of online stores and is easily found via web search.
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