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Nowhere To Run
Artist Name:
Jose A. Mena
Nowhere To Run
Date Posted:
September 2010
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Windows PC with Digi 003 running Pro Tools LE 7.4; Line 6 POD XT Pro; Addictive Drums sample library; Fostex PM0.5 monitors.

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Production Notes & Credits:

“Nowhere to Run” is a “metal” instrumental track. Jose composed, programmed, played the guitar and recorded the song. Andres Mena helped out on the bass.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 2
Recording: Let’s file this one under “a tale of two tracks”. Jose has harnessed his considerable guitar and composing chops into what is to our knowledge, the first Metal Funk song that we have ever reviewed!

Let’s start out by giving Jose his props on the guitar. The man can shred with the best of them, and his tone is awesome, gritty and full, with none of the thin overdistortion that we often hear in this genre. Unfortunately, the programmed drums fall short and the bass is rather tame in tone and performance when compared to the electric guitars. To be fair, we have rarely, if ever, come across programmed drums that work successfully in metal. There seems to be something inherent in the tempo and feel that is hard to achieve “in the box”.

Fortunately, though, our story has a happy ending, and for this we must praise “The Funk”! About halfway through the track, Jose’s tune makes a 180 degree turn, and all of a sudden Andres comes out swingin’ with some big time thumb-slappin’ chops. The bass tone here couldn’t be more perfect, and believe us, he’s just killin’ this tune from here on out. Play on, brother!

Suggestions: Not unlike many submissions, we would love to hear live drums replace the programming here. Without it we feel that the song will remain in its present “demo” state. Our second thought concerns fair play. While it was gracious of Andres to attempt the “metal” bass parts in the song, it is obvious that his real strength is not metal. Therefore, we would ask Jose to compose yet another track, this time with an emphasis on the funk.

Summary: Courageous idea—but two half songs don’t make a song.

Contact: Jose A. Mena,

About: Marty Peters

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