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Artist Name:
Paul Coady
Not Gonna Run
Date Posted:
November 2009
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Korg D1600, ART Tube MP Studio V3 preamp, Behringer Multicom Pro-XL compressor (kick, snare, floor tom). Mics: MXL 933 (x2, drum overheads), Nady DM80 (kick), Nady DM70 (snare and floor tom), Sennheiser e609 (bass amp), Nady SP 9 (guitar amp), CAD GXL 3000 (vocal). Fender Telecaster into Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp, Gibson Grabber bass into Fender Rumble 100 bass amp, Casio WK 3700 (for organ sound), Pearl 5-piece drum kit.

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Production Notes & Credits:

“Not Gonna Run” is a male vocal rock song. Paul wrote, engineered, produced and mixed the track. He also sang lead and played the guitar and organ. The bass was played by Rob Fore, the drums by Joe Klapka, and Dave Stepanich provided additional guitar.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 3
Recording: Every now and then we get a submission whose sound quite accurately matches the environment in which it was recorded. Such is the case with “Not Gonna Run”. Paul tells us that the song was “recorded in my unfinished basement/laundry room. Main guitar, bass and drums recorded live with a scratch vocal. Recorded in as much a plug and play method as possible, allowing bleed between the instruments. Final vocal, organ and additional guitar recorded as overdubs. Eleven tracks used.”

Fair enough then, so how’s it sound? Well, pretty much as advertised. We hear an energetic, gritty band pumping out a heartfelt mid-western version of Exile on Main Street. Paul has done a nice job separating the guitars using tone and panning (ala Keith and Mick Taylor) in order to give each its own voice. The drums have a nice organic feel to them, particularly the kick with its ’60s-style thump. Paul’s raspy lead vocal is also well represented, no sibilance or digital nastiness to be found.

Suggestions: So, does “Not Gonna Run” get the big thumbs up? Well, as the man says, “it’s great if you like that sort of thing”. In other words, someone who is deep into pop, modern R&B and other heavily produced styles would likely find Paul’s effort to be somewhat lacking. After all, most modern sessions use more than eleven tracks on just the drums!

If however, your tastes run more towards indie rock, this may sound right in the ball park to you. As for us, we love the energy and the honesty of the track. Have we heard better tones? You bet. But we’re not convinced that the song would have been more successful with them.

Summary: Rock on, boys!

Contact: Paul Coady,,,

About: Marty Peters

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