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I Got Love
Artist Name:
Jay Skinner / Tiki Lewis
I Got Love
Date Posted:
August 2009
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Mac Pro running Digidesign Pro Tools with McDSP, Native Insturments, and Waves plug-ins; Audio-Technica AT4050 and Shure SM57 mics; Focusrite ISA430 and Apogee Mini-Me; Washburn acoustic, G&L ASAT electric guitar, bass.

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Production Notes & Credits:

ďI Got LoveĒ is a female vocal acoustic pop/rock song. Tiki co-wrote and sang the vocals, Jay Skinner co-wrote, and handled the instruments and the tracking, mixing and mastering.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
Recording: Love this song, love it, love it! Makes us feel like the summer of 1979 all over again. So what if it itís the best song that Ricky Lee Jones never wrote, donít care one bit.

This recording came sooooo close to being this monthís SPOTLIGHT, you folks have no idea. Jay and Tiki have delivered their A game on this one. The lead vocal is both intimate and powerful, the sparse arrangement is creative (dig those crazy reverbed finger snaps and foot stomps!) and Jayís playing is first-rate.

So what, then, keeps ďI Got LoveĒ from receiving SPOTLIGHT status? Well, if we can go back to those golden late í70s as a reference... itís the tone, children. Whether it was from the initial tracking, the lack of analog tape (there, I said it!), or something gone awry during the mastering stage, the overall tone here is bright, brittle and sharp. This is particularly true on the acoustic guitar, and itís a darn shame. If any of you would care to compare, go back to that first Rickie Lee Jones release, brilliantly engineered by the one of the true masters in our field, one Mr. Lee Hirschberg. Rarely will you come across more beautifully recorded acoustic guitars. Check out the intro to the track ďNight TrainĒ and see if you donít agree.

Suggestions: Not having been present during the making of ďI Got LoveĒ, itís difficult for me to surmise where the abovementioned tone issues originated. A quick survey of the duoís gear list shows a good bit of quality stuff, so itís doubtful that gear played a significant role here.

That said, there is absolutely no mention of monitor speakers anywhere. Not to go off on yet another rant...actually, scratch that, I am going off on yet another rant! Itís truly mindboggling how many submissions include the most minute detail on such items as what beverages were consumed during tracking, and yet completely disregard what may be the most critical piece of equipment in the recordistís arsenal. In very plain terms, you canít mix what you canít hear. Did Jay mix on headphones? (Please donít get me started!) Computer speakers? Subwoofers? No one knows for sure, but the answer is critical.

What we are sure of is that Tiki and Jay have all the talent in the world, and our suggestion to them is as follows: find a copy of the aforementioned album by Ms. Jones and A/B the recording against ďI Got LoveĒ on whatever speakers you choose. When they match, your mission will be accomplished.

Summary: This yearís summer fave!

Contact: Tiki Lewis/Jay Skinner,

About: Marty Peters

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