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Artist Name:
Darryl McEachin
Date Posted:
November 2008
R&B and Soul
Equipment Used:

Equipment: Mac running Cubase 4 with Universal Audio UAD-1 card for processing, Yamaha O1V digital mixer, Audio-Technica AT3525 through ART Tube MP preamp, Yamaha Motif ES8, Roland Fantom X6.

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Production Notes & Credits:

Music: “Getaway” is a male vocal R&B tune. Darryl wrote, produced, recorded & mixed the track. He also sang all the vocals and sequenced all of the instruments.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 3
Recording: Two things jumped out at us when we first heard Darryl’s track. Number one is that he’s one heck of a good singer/arranger, one of the best that we have heard at Reader’s Tapes.

The other is a bit more slippery. At first blush we were taken aback by the seemingly low volume of the mix. Where’s the over-compressed/limited squash of a sound that we’ve grown so accustomed to? No vocal sibilance either. Hey Darryl, what gives?

Then we remembered that this is the way recordings used to sound in the old pre-volume-war days, back when “make it louder” meant that the listener actually had to exert enough effort to turn up a small dial. Don’t remember those days? Well, you’ve got a lot of company, and it’s a shame ‘cause a whole bunch of real good music was delivered that way.

Now does this automatically mean that Darryl’s mix is without fault? No, actually. While we admire those gifted vocals, they are placed a good bit too forward to our ears, making the music bed seem a bit anemic in our opinion. We would also like to hear the piano and faux guitar brought up in volume. Finally, in what actually may be a first, we would actually encourage Darryl to turn the whole thing up! (Never thought you’d see that printed in these pages, now, did ya?!)

Suggestions: A few small balance adjustments and “Getaway” will shine. Of course, if the rest of that kickin’ Air Force band were to donate a little TLC to Darryl, we would love to hear the whole thing re-tracked with live players/instruments. Those of you out there that have had the good fortune to hear any of the Armed Service bands know that these folks can flat out play, and learning to record real instruments and amps pushing air would be a great step for Darryl’s recording future.

Summary: A solid effort.

Contact: Darryl McEachin,

About: Marty Peters

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