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Artist Name:
Ralph Goff
Thirty More Miles
Date Posted:
August 2008
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Yamaha AW1600 and AW16G (tracking), Shure KSM32, RØDE NT5 and NT2A, laptop PC running Sony Sound Forge 9.0 and iZotope mastering software, SE Reflexion sound baffle, FMR Audio RNP and PreSonus TubePre (bass only) preamps, Event PS5 monitors, Extreme Isolation and Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones, 1970 Martin D18, Fender Squier Telecaster, 1976 Fender Precision bass, Line 6 Pocket POD, PG Music Band-in-a-Box software “playing” drums and organ parts.

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Production Notes & Credits:

“Thirty More Miles” is a male vocal tune with a fair amount of roll to go along with its rock. Ralph wrote the lyrics, arranged the track, played acoustic and electric guitar and sang the lead vocal. He also took care of the recording. Chuck Weeks played bass. Craig Kinkaid and Jim Thurman provided the backing vocals, and the drums and organ where generated via Band in a Box.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 0
Recording: We last reviewed one of Ralph’s submissions back in December of 2004. This time around he tells us that he has “detoured from my normal country/bluegrass sound back to the R&B/blues days of my youth!” Fair enough then, how does the newly resurrected model sound?

Pretty good all in all. Ralph has done a brilliant job assembling the drums with Band-in-a-Box. The swinging shuffle beat and tom fills are as good as any that we have heard, and really lay a strong foundation for the rest of the track. The lead vocal is warm and intimate with sort of a Jerry Garcia vibe, and the walking bass line is just right.

Our only minor quibble, and it really is a minor one, centers around the organ part. While the performance and tone are quite acceptable, the lack of any rotary/Leslie speaker airflow makes the part a bit one-dimensional, alas, more Farfisa than Hammond. Short of that, we would have to say that we really enjoyed this track from the new old Ralph.

Suggestions: If possible we would encourage Ralph to experiment with re-amping his organ part using some room mics to capture the goings-on. Even without the rotary effect, some fresh air would do it good.

Summary: Welcome back!

Contact: Ralph Goff,

About: Marty Peters

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