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Artist Name:
Mike Congilosi
SPOTLIGHT 10: Tattoos (Remixed)
Date Posted:
July 2008
Rock and Pop
Equipment Used:

Spectral Cube PC, Digi 002 with Pro Tools LE, Apogee Rosetta 200 AD/DA, four Vintech X73i channel strips, Avalon VT-737sp, Amek stereo channel strip, Empirical Labs Fatso Jr. and Distressor, Drawmer 1968 ME, Focusrite Red 4, Alesis Masterlink; Event TR8 monitors. Drums tracked through Digi 192 interface; AKG D112 (kick), Shure SM57 on snare (top and bottom) and 3 on toms and 2 on guitar cabs, RØDE NT5 pair drum o/h, AKG C414B room mic for drums, Neumann TLM103 on vocals; Drums signal flow (all through Digi 192): kick and snare top > Vitech X73i > EL Fatso Jr. > 192, snare bottom Vintech X73i > 192, toms (3) > Focusrite Red 4 > 192, O?H > Amek chanel strip > 192, room mics > Avalon > Distressor (squashed into oblivion) > 192. Guitars: homemade solid body, modified Gibson SG > Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier head loaded with AL34s > Mesa Boogie Armored Rectifier 4x12 cab, guitar > Maxon compressor > Carl Martin Delayla XL (for solo) > AMP, amp/mics > 2 Vintech X73is > Drawmer 1968 ME > Rosetta 200. Bass tracked DI > X73i > Drawmer 1968 ME > Rosetta 200. Doubled bass track, processed one with Ampeg Vass amp modeler; Vocals > X73ik > 1968ME > Rosetta 200.

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Production Notes & Credits:

“Tattoos” is a male vocal rock song, Mike was the author and one man band/recordist on the track.

Reviewed By: Marty Peters
Rating: 4
Recording: If Mike’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because this very same track was reviewed in the May 2008 Reader’s Tapes column. So what’s it doing in SPOTLIGHT, you ask? Well, Mike explained it this way...

“Dear Marty, first off, thanks so much for including me in the May 2008 Readers’ Tapes. Your views on the mix of my song “Tattoos” were dead on. I ended up remixing the song a few weeks back for the same reasons you pointed out in your review. The low end was pretty much non-existent. I also found the guitars to be a bit nasty. I re-recorded the guitar parts with a different mic selection and it turned out perfect. The bass was also re-recorded to add some low mid girth.”

Mike then goes on to tell us how he used a drum sample combined with his original kick drum sound to achieve a more solid tone, and that he had spent considerable time resolving issues with his room acoustics. He even put a new set of matched Mullard Reissue tubes in his Drawmer 1968 ME compressor to get rid of its brittle tone.

The good news is that this new mix has transformed a track with mucho potential into a SPOTLIGHT-worthy endeavor. Check out the two versions—the original can be found in our May 2008 Readers' Tapes archive—and see if you don’t agree.

Suggestions: We applaud Mike for having the courage to accept creative suggestions, and for putting in the effort to make improvements.

Summary: Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT!

Contact: Mike Congilosi,

About: Marty Peters

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