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“When somebody really puts themselves out there, then you can’t help but respond from the heart, and that is what we value so much in music...It’s funny that all of this recording technology, from our standpoint, exists just to take away some of the curtains between the music and the listener.”- Tuck Andress of Tuck & Patti

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When you buy a Sound Library, what is most important to you?


Archived Survey

Below are the results of the archived survey

Q: Which one of these Sound Libraries are you most likely to purchase?

63  Vote(s)
 63 vote(s) 17%
9  Vote(s)
 9 vote(s) 2%
137  Vote(s)
 137 vote(s) 37%
42  Vote(s)
 42 vote(s) 11%
72  Vote(s)
 72 vote(s) 20%

Correct Answer: World

Total Votes: 368

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