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“That first song on your demo is like a radio hit: you want to hook the listener in the first ten seconds, interest him/her more in the next ten seconds, and if you can really hold them through the first minute they might listen to your whole tape.”- John Simon

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When you buy a Sound Library, what is most important to you?


Archived Survey

Below are the results of the archived survey

Q: Most difficult instrument to record?

182  Vote(s)
 182 vote(s) 16%
230  Vote(s)
 230 vote(s) 20%
467  Vote(s)
 467 vote(s) 40%
69  Vote(s)
 69 vote(s) 6%
123  Vote(s)
 123 vote(s) 11%
Acoustic Guitar

Total Votes: 1168

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