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“The technology is going to put [a lot of] big studios out of business. Let’s face it, in five years there will be no boards like this [gestures to his studio’s massive Neve console]; there’s going to be a Macintosh. There’s going to be great fidelity, and you’re just going to say, ‘Okay, let’s record.’ That’s it!”- Daryl “The Captain” Dragon

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Archived Survey

Below are the results of the archived survey

Q: What DAW do you use?

283  Vote(s)
 283 vote(s) 16%
300  Vote(s)
 300 vote(s) 17%
374  Vote(s)
 374 vote(s) 21%
273  Vote(s)
 273 vote(s) 15%
379  Vote(s)
 379 vote(s) 21%
Pro Tools

Total Votes: 1801

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