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“It’s really a great time for musicians in their homes, capturing that moment. ‘Demo’ is really not in our vocabulary any more. You just record, and we use what fits. The sketchpad now is more a mental place. That’s a great new era.”- Chris DeGarmo of Queensr˙che

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When you buy a Sound Library, what is most important to you?


Archived Survey

Below are the results of the archived survey

Q: What DAW do you use?

272  Vote(s)
 272 vote(s) 16%
291  Vote(s)
 291 vote(s) 17%
357  Vote(s)
 357 vote(s) 21%
261  Vote(s)
 261 vote(s) 15%
355  Vote(s)
 355 vote(s) 21%
Pro Tools

Total Votes: 1724

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