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January 2017
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January 2017

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Welcome to 2017! RECORDING kicks off the new year with an issue about a subject central to music production: drum and percussion tracks! This month, we bring you reviews of the latest drum recording tech, great articles, and lots more... all with an eye toward helping you create drum parts that wow your listeners.

There are lots of ways to mic a drum kit, but we’re always on the lookout for new and great innovations that you can use. We bring you a review of the fantastic Lewitt LCT 640 TS mic, which actually lets you adjust your polar pattern in the mix, and great new drum mounting options for the workhorse Audio-Technica ATM350a instrument mic.

Also in this issue: reviews of processors by SPL, Sonic Farm, and UBK; great drum software and soundware from Toontrack, Sonoma Wire Works, and HandHeldSound; a look at the newest cool features on Novation’s Circuit rhythm workstation; and a survey of cool controllers for your studio, from the Nektar Panorama to a variety of great Bluetooth gear.

This issue features an interview with recording engineer Sylvia Massy, whose latest book Recording Unhinged is a mad tea party of off-the-wall recording techniques that actually work. She discusses her favorite drum mics and miking setups, new projects in the works, her book’s secrets... and even gives us a peek at new craziness planned for Volume Two!

Drums are only one sound source that can be adversely affected by phase problems when tracking, but they’re often the most problematic with so many mics in place. Eric Ferguson continues his primer on phase with a look and specific problems and solutions.

And what if you can’t mic up a drum kit? There are many wonderful solutions out there for the drummerless studio, and Darwin Grosse walks us through a survey of some of the very best, from dedicated hardware to DAW-based loops and sample libraries.

This issue also features Readers’ Tracks by Marty Peters, our usual monthly features, and more. If you’re into great drum sounds, whether played or programmed, you can’t afford to miss the January RECORDING!


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