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February 2014
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February 2014

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In our February issue, RECORDING focuses on that most intimate, finicky, and important of instruments in the studio: the human voice. It's Vocal Recording Month, and we're proud to offer stellar advice on everything from choosing the right mic for the job to treating your recorded vocals with respect.

Our issue centers on real-world tips and techniques from professionals who are out there recording great vocal tracks every day. Respected Bay Area engineer Bruce Kaphan walks us through vocal mic choices and placements for some of his successful sessions. Colorado's John McVey has a fantastic tutorial on getting the best background and harmony vocals for your song. Eric Ferguson returns to our pages with a hard look at intonation processing in the modern studio. And from LA, Eleanor Goldfield weighs in with field-tested advice for vocalists and vocal recordists from a vocalist, on choosing mics, working with processors, and being properly prepared for the session.

Are you jonesing for information on fantastic vocal mics and useful processing tools? In this issue, we bring you in-depth reviews of the Blue Bottle Rocket Stage One, a versatile mic with interchangeable capsules for a wide variety of great tones on vocals and instruments alike, and the Pearlman TM-250, a handmade tube mic that's nothing short of magical. Also in this issue: sweet software to jazz up your vocal tracks, from iZotope's vocal-centered Nectar 2 to U-He's powerful Satin tape saturator/delay and the latest emulation from Universal Audio, the venerable Fairchild tube limiters.

And that's not all! Outside the vocal booth, we bring you reviews of new monitors from PreSonus and Samson, cool controllers from Novation, high-end interface gear from Antelope Audio and Dangerous Music, and a collection of musician-friendly iOS gear and apps. We report on the latest PreSonuSphere user conference in Baton Rouge. And Joe Albano continues his examination of reverb with a focus on, you guessed it, vocals.

Whether you're singing your heart out, or looking for the right mics and gear to capture someone who does, you'll find inspiration and great advice in the February RECORDING!


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