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January 2014
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January 2014

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Welcome to 2014! RECORDING is starting the New Year with a bang -- banging a drum, to be precise. Our January issue is loaded with great techniques and cool tech surrounding drums and beats, everything from miking the real thing to simulations with samples and soundware.

The centerpiece of this issue is an overview of drum miking and mixing techniques from five in-demand session players and engineers, some of whom also offer their drumming as an online service for songwriters in need of great rhythm tracks. You'll get the lowdown on everything from mic placement to favorite mix gear and strategies, from professionals who make great drum tracks for a living.

Also in this issue: Terry Wollman talks about his methodology and tools for working with sampled drums in a session, and Eleanor Goldfield gives us an engineer's-eye view of working with a click track. And on the gear-for-drum-tracks side, we have reviews of a great drum mic kit from Telefunken, the latest add-ons for XLN Audio's Addictive Drums, and a survey of interesting new loop and instrument libraries from The Loop Loft.

But if you don't have drums on the brain, there's plenty more to interest you in this issue. We ring in the new year with a collection of cool hardware and software for iOS devices, listen to the new 3-way monitors from Neumann, check out Zoom's hot new H6 portable multitrack recorder, and follow Joe Albano through an in-depth look at Avid Pro Tools 11. Joe also brings us Part 1 of a fascinating introductory article on the magic and methods of reverb.

All this plus our coverage of the recent Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more! Whether you're looking for the best solutions for capturing and creating drum tracks, or hot for the latest in great gear and cool tricks for making your music sound its best, you won't want to miss the January RECORDING!


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